PSU School of Business: A vibrant business community in the heart of the Silicon Forest

PSU School of Business: A vibrant business community in the heart of the Silicon Forest
Portland, Oregon Skyline "The City of Roses"

Mastering the art of doing business that matters is more than just learning the ropes and the ways to overcome failure. A strong 21st Century business leader knows that many other variables come into play these days – building trust and integrity is top of the list, apart from other complex issues such as sustainability by means of economic, social, and environmental stewardship.

Recognizing that sound business practice positively impacts the world, Portland State University’s School of Business (PSU) takes a holistic, inclusive approach to global business education. Its

School of Business produces visionary, forward-thinking entrepreneurs who serve innovation and progression on a universal scale.

The experience of living and learning in Portland is worth its weight in gold; it was named the 7th Best Big City in the US by Con Nast Traveler; the 4th Best City for Millennials by Forbes; and Number 1 Best City for Food, according to The Washington Post. The region’s mild climate means students can enjoy the fruits of Portland any time of year, relishing in its stunning natural beauty when it’s time to rest and unwind, while soaking up the buzz of its thriving business district.

The New, Karl Miller Center School of Business Opening September 2017

“When you come to PSU’s School of Business you’re immediately part of comprehensive university — at the most diverse campus of any public university in Oregon,” said Dean Cliff Allen, PSU School of Business. “Renowned for leading-edge research and teaching with impact, our professors and instructors bring real-world expertise and industry connections to the community.”

The school offers innovative programming at the undergraduate level, providing a solid base from which to progress through the dynamic business sphere. And while its Bachelor provisions present the ideal grounding for those just starting out, the school’s graduate portfolio further refines the qualified corporate mind, empowering you with the expertise, knowledge, and entrepreneurial prowess needed to enhance your career.

The Portland MBA

This specialized, hands-on program instills students with the sought-after skillset that truly drives real-world success. The Portland MBA is offered on both a full or part-time basis and lasts up to 21-months.  The program focuses on leadership and will teach you how to manage a project, guide a team, or lead an entire enterprise towards long-term success.

“The Portland MBA at PSU’s School of Business is aptly named, as we live in a place of extraordinary originality and energy, where people find creative and sustainable ways to solve the most pressing problems,” said Tichelle Sorensen, Academic Director, MBA and MIM Programs. “The Portland MBA draws on the city’s creative thinkers and entrepreneurs to deliver a unique experience that will elevate your career and drive positive change in the world.”

Become a recognized expert as you specialize in:

Delve into independent coursework projects that focus on three core ideas:

  • Foundations of Competitiveness
    • Using the principles of innovation, creativity, globalization, ethics and sustainability to stay ahead of the corporate game.
  • The Value Chain of Business
    • Teaching the skills needed to successfully run a Business in a fast-paced modern world, covering everything from accounting and information systems, to finance, management, marketing, operations and everything in between.
  • Applied Skills and Leadership
    • Grasp the concepts of managerial best practice before applying them in an intensive immersion program and consulting project.

Whether hoping to climb the corporate ladder or seeking a professional change, the Portland MBA has everything students need to set foot on the path to business triumph.

Master of International Management (MIM)

Leading off an inherently global focus, the Portland MIM connects you with some of the world’s most powerful industry players. Offered on a full-time basis over the course of 21 months, this program breaks through corporate barriers and revolutionizes the entrepreneurial field, providing a breadth and depth of specialist routes that give students a definite edge.

It’s a program that seeks to submerge participants in business and life in the Pacific Rim, presenting the opportunity to embark on a study tour that explores this crucial economic region. Here, you’ll get the chance to network with executives, rewarding you with a first-hand view of what it’s like to run an influential global enterprise.

MIM Curriculum Overview:

  • Core Global Business Curriculum
  • Specialize with Certificate Add-Ons
  • Asian Languages and Intercultural Communication
  • Asia Field Study

Past MIM graduates have forged a history of success in an intricate working world, landing positions with business juggernauts like Daimler, Nike, Columbia Sportswear, adidas, and Blount International – just to name a few and highlight the real-world corporate relevance of this respected degree.

The Portland State Masters in Global Supply Chain Management (MSGSM)

This 52-credit course is delivered entirely online, granting those with existing professional or family commitments the freedom to learn without having to sacrifice existing responsibilities. Developed alongside leading industry figures, the MSGSCM perfectly blends a core, business-focused academic curriculum with real-world case studies, trending topics, and cutting-edge business practice, with students also benefitting from the option to pursue unparalleled field studies to Asia or South America.

Curriculum overview:

  • Sourcing and Purchasing/Procurement
  • Global Trade and Logistics
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Closed Loop Supply Chain/Sustainability/Circular Economy
  • Forecasting and Planning

According to the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), job-seeking professionals equipped with a master’s degree can earn up to 25 percent more than their undergraduate counterparts, highlighting the long-term value of this reputable program.

“As new technologies and consumer behaviours emerge, supply chain management is becoming increasingly integrated and data driven,” said Daniel Wong, Academic Director, Undergraduate Supply & Logistics Management Program. “With our program, students gain the technical skills, global perspective, and full-spectrum expertise to successfully drive innovation and move your career forward.”

Join PSU’s School of Business and become part of the next generation of business leaders who redefine the status quo.

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