Poznan University of Technology: Moulding the minds of future trailblazers

Today’s vastly competitive world means graduates need to pull out all the stops to stand out in a crowd where more and more are armed with degrees.

But knocking out the competition doesn’t only entail getting a quality education from a reputable institution; choosing to study abroad can also help students blossom – both personally and professionally – and become global citizens in our increasingly connected world.

So why not do so in one of Poland’s most popular universities – the Poznan University of Technology? With 100 years of experience of engineering education under its belt, Poznan has proven itself as a go-to choice for international students. They offer broad study options and reasonable tuition fees, in a city where cost of living won’t break the bank. The varsity has over 1,300 academic staff to support their 16,000 students across 10 faculties. They offer a whopping 30 fields of study and over 100 specialisations.

In addition to that, Poland is among the safest countries in Central Europe. The city of Poznan is known for its universities and for attracting students from diverse backgrounds, which means you’ll be living and studying in a multicultural and enriching context, making it an obvious choice for international folk.

Whether you’re looking for an undergraduate programme or are a seasoned professional who wants to develop an expertise in an area of study, Poznan’s Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as PhD programmes in English are developed to suit students of every academic level.

BSc Artificial Intelligence

Poznan recently launched the BSc in Artificial Intelligence programme to meet growing demand for highly specialised AI experts in both Polish and international markets. Students will learn the development and application of AI technologies that are inspired by the ways people learn, reason and make decisions.

In the first semester, you can expect to grasp the elementary approaches of AI, machine learning, and data analysis. The final two years are devoted to hot areas of AI research, such as big data and natural language processing, deep and reinforcement learning, computer vision, decision analysis and operational research, evolutionary computation, collaborative systems, the internet of things and robotics.

Graduates can expect to work as computer programmers, data analysts or machine learning engineers, and even have sufficient knowledge to launch their own AI startups.

MSc in Logistics

Graduates looking to develop advanced logistics management knowledge and skills will find Poznan’s logistics programme ideal. The course is run by highly recognised international experts in logistics, and students will benefit from their exceptional skills and experience where they will learn to put theory to practice.

Career-wise, graduates of this programme can become prospective logistics managers employed in a variety of manufacturing and service companies as well as in local and governmental administrations.

Wide programme offerings

Other programmes under Poznan’s already impressive collection of courses include the BSc in Architecture, BSc in Electronics and Telecommunications, BSc in Automatic Control and Robotics, BSc in Engineering Management, BSc in Chemical Technology as well as a BSc in Sustainable Building Engineering.

Poznan also stays true to its engineering specialty by offering several engineering-related Master’s programmes, including the MSc in Civil Engineering, MSc in Engineering Management, MSc in Construction and Exploitation of Means of Transport and MSc in Mechatronics. They also offer a MSc in Architecture, MSc in Chemical TechnologyMSc in Automatic Control and Robotics, MSc in Computing and MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications.

It’s Doctoral School was recently established this year and offers nine disciplines to prospective students in the following areas: architecture and urbanism; automatics; automation, electronics and electrotechnics; technical IT and telecommunications; civil engineering and transport; materials engineering; mechanical engineering; environmental engineering; mining and power engineering; chemical sciences; and management and quality sciences.

A life-changing experience

True to their motto “PUT – technology in a positive feeling”, Poznan has only the utmost concern for its students and ensures they enjoy high-quality teaching in a friendly study environment. As such, becoming a student at this university will prove to be a transformative experience, as echoed by Ecuadorian student Shirley Daniela Lomas Cifuentes.

Shirley Daniela Lomas Cifuentes

The BSc in Architecture student said: “Studying at Poznan University of Technology has definitely changed my perspective about studying in a great way. I learned that it’s possible to achieve the level of knowledge you always wished to have thanks to our teachers who are here not only to teach but to make sure you are growing and developing your skills and professionalism at its maximum.”

Shirley concludes: “Trust me, you will be well prepared to deal with university and your future career here. The variety of workshops and large-scale projects you can participate in are endless! Not to mention, the Poznan team will always be extremely helpful and ready to extend their warmest welcome to you! Join our Poznan family and you will understand perfectly what I am talking about.”

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