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Level-up your career with a master’s from Örebro University

 Countries such as the US, Canada and the UK are seen as bastions of higher education. If you’re willing to look past these popular study abroad destinations, Sweden is also home to innovative universities that offer students a world-class education.

The country’s government invests heavily in education, paving the way for the rise of research-intensive universities for aspiring researchers. There are part-time work opportunities for international students to support themselves as they work towards completing their degree, while the country also offers a high standard of living, further bolstering its appeal as a study abroad destination.

One such university that offers all this and more is Örebro University, which offers a wide range of master’s programmes to bolster your personal and professional development. It’s research spans no less than 36 different subjects across the humanities and social sciences, medicine and health, and science and technology fields.

Attesting to the university’s prowess are its rankings. Örebro University is ranked in the top 80 of the Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings 2020 and in the top 400 THE World University Rankings 2021.

The university’s convenient location is also a major allure. Örebro is a bustling city home to panoramic woodlands and pristine nature while still being close to the town centre for all your modern needs. Despite Örebro’s modern appearance, the city is also home to popular attractions such as the Örebro Castle, an ancient castle made of weathered grey stones.

Learning here will also be culturally immersive — high standards of living aside, the university is located just two hours outside of Stockholm, a city known for its Michelin restaurants, picturesque hiking trails and public art.

Master’s programmes that act as a springboard for career success

Örebro University is known for its world-class education and research expertise.

Source: Örebro University

Source: Örebro University

Örebro University offers master’s programmes across a wide range of subjects to cater to varied interests, from economics to mathematics and science to the latest in AI and robotics.

With sustainability high on the global agenda, Örebro University’s MSc Programme in Chemistry in Environmental Forensics will be ideal for those aspiring to solve some of the world’s global challenges.  The course offers a broad syllabus, with a focus on chemical safety, health and the environment. It also provides insight into several related research areas, including bioanalytical and environmental analysis, looking at the source and amount of environmental chemical contaminants and their history.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report notes that the demand for AI experts has grown 74% annually over the past five years. If you’re interested to pursue an exciting career in the industry, the university’s MSc Programme in AI and Robotics will teach you the methods used to power the latest generation of autonomous vehicles, how navigation software in your phone finds the fastest routes in real-time, and how sensors in robots and intelligent systems are used to perceive the world.

During your thesis project, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with future employers. Many of their graduates have gone on to further positions within academia and leading companies in the field, including Volvo and Epiroc.

Those interested in experimental medicine might want to enrol in the MSc Programme in Experimental Medicine, which offers broad and specialised knowledge in the field. The main focus of the programme looks at inflammatory mechanisms and its implications on public health, as many of the common diseases worldwide share an inflammation process as a common denominator.  You will gain knowledge and skills in modern experimental medical and laboratory science, as well as in-depth knowledge of cell biology, immunology, human genetics and bioinformatics, and translational medicine.

For students who have a passion for music and its effect on individuals and society, Örebro University’s Master’s Programme in Musicology — Music and Human Beings would be the ideal step for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in the humanities, social sciences, musicology, or a related field. The programme prepares students for a career in doctoral research on music in academia, but it can also help students across a wide variety of music-related professions.

An unparalleled learning experience

Orebro University

Make friends that will last a lifetime at this university. 
Source: Orebro University

High-quality master’s programmes aside, there are many other appeals of studying at this university.

Örebro University guarantees its master’s students affordable accommodation where they have their own studio flat equipped with a kitchen and bathroom for just 350 euros a month. Students with citizenship in a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, are exempted from paying an application fee or tuition fees for any of their courses.

Coupled with its accredited faculties, leading research centres, and opportunities for close contact with professors, becoming a postgraduate student at Örebro University is sure to be a memorable one. To find out more about the university’s programmes, click here.

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