Ontario PNP
Candidates for Ontario PNP are waiting with bated breath to submit their applications. Source: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP

A total of 158 international students have been invited to apply for Ontario PNP (Provincial Nomination Program) following two draws on May 26, CIC News reports. Of this number, 147 were included in the general draw, while 11 were invited via the Regional Immigration Pilot. Candidates must have a minimum of 73 Expression of Interest (EOI) points to be considered for the general draw.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is dedicated to the Employer Job Offer category for foreign workers and international students. Candidates of the International Student Stream must have profiles in the EOI pool with a score of at least 77. As this stream seeks to grow the number of skilled graduates in the job market, you must be going to Canada to work.

This is the second Ontario PNP draw since the introduction of the EOI system this year. On May 18, Ontario invited 138 international students to apply for Ontario PNP and qualify for the Employer Job Offer: International Student stream. They had EOI profiles with scores of at least 77 and had secured employment in the province. Being invited does not secure a provincial nomination — candidates still need to meet the eligibility requirements.

This new provincial nomination system is hoped to be fairer for international students, who previously struggled to secure a spot through the first-come-first-serve approach. You must apply within two years of completing your degree or completed more than half your studies while lawfully residing and studying in the country.

How to apply for Ontario PNP

The Employer Job Offer: International Student stream welcomes international graduates with a job offer in Canada to apply for provincial citizenship nomination. The new EOI points system scores candidates based on job tier, work experience, education background, and language proficiency. It was launched to “manage intake and the high demand for the programme, avoiding uncertainty associated with stream openings and the current ‘first-come-first-served’ model,” according to an Ontario spokesperson.

If you are planning to apply for Ontario PNP, there are several ways to increase your score from abroad — check them out here.