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You could work on vaccines as a laboratory technician with an online degree in Health Sciences. Source: Thibault Savary/AFP

The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing to us the importance of health sciences and its related fields. It’s shining a light on how necessary every role in the fields is, whether it’s being on the frontline, doing clinical research or working in hospital administration.

A degree in health sciences can take you far in your career, as It’s a broad field with many areas you can specialise in.

You can work as a biomedical, cardiovascular or medical lab technician; pharmacy technician; dental hygienist or  occupational therapy assistant, to name a few.

Jobs under health sciences are high in demand and expected to see significant growth in years to come.

With the current pandemic restricting travel, many students are wondering if they can still study abroad in the near future.

The good news is though you can’t be physically abroad, ypu can still earn an accredited degree from overseas institutions thanks to technology. Here are four top online degree programmes in health sciences to consider.

online degree health sciences feature

With an online degree in Health Sciences, you can also work as a pharmacy technician. Source: Tiziana Fabi/AFP

Rutgers University

This highly ranked university in the US offers an online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences – Degree Completion Program for Health Care Professionals.

According to the website, it is designed for those who have an existing interest in healthcare or prior experience in the field so they can take the next step in their careers.

You will gain a strong foundation in health sciences courses to advance your careers professionally in either one of three tracks: healthcare management, gerontology or psychiatric rehabilitation.

University of Cincinnati

You can earn an online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree from University of Cincinnati online, where you will grow your knowledge within the healthcare field and be well-prepared for a career in this field or specialise in a graduate programme.

All classes are available online, offering a flexible option for both full or part-time students where they can graduate within two to four years, depending on their own pace.

online degree health sciences

People wait in line as a medical worker takes a swab sample from a person to be tested for the COVID-19 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China’s central Hubei province on March 29, 2020.
Source: Hector Retamal/AFP

West Texas A&M University

This university in the US offers one of the best online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree programmes due to its various specialisations.

Along with core courses that equip you with a broad understanding of the health care industry, you can specialise in a number of different areas that intersect with healthcare – public policy, business management, business administration, accounting and finance, health promotion, cognitive health, public relations, and more.

Open University

The leading online university offers the BSc (Honours) Healthcare and Health Science programme that provides students with the essential skills required for working in health and health science settings.

The combination of healthcare and health science topics also facilitates a deeper understanding of the  “range of debates about the provision of healthcare, as well as enabling you to evaluate the relationship between scientific and social understandings about the promotion of health,” according to the website.

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