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Nyenrode Business University: Career and life success start here

For a business education that not only fosters professional development but also prioritises personal growth, come to the Netherlands’s very own . Ranking 42nd in the Financial Times European Business School Rankings 2023, this university has  a comprehensive set of features designed to empower students. It offers a unique blend of academic rigour, practical training and a supportive community. “That’s precisely why I chose it,” says student Kathelijne Kunst.

Small-sized university, personalised experience, strong community

“It’s a place where you’re known by everyone – classmates, professors, programme managers, career advisors, and department members. The sense of community is strong, especially in the bachelor cohort at Breukelen campus and the Amsterdam location, where we have fewer than 100 students.”

The sense of family extends beyond the classroom, seeping into shared meals, morning sports, and outings to local haunts. Living on campus, Kathelijne discovered, was not just a housing arrangement, but a chance to truly develop as an individual. Even graduates often return, providing informal yet impactful networking opportunities. Immersed and engaged in a familial atmosphere, she dove deep into her studies.

A BSc degree that balances theory and practice

As a (BScBA) student, Kathelijne blends theory and action with ease. “The theories taught during lectures come alive through practical cases,” she says. “This two-way approach, centred on personal growth, truly defines the Nyenrode experience. It is essential post-studies, as most companies seek candidates with real-world experience.”

For example, during her second year, Kathelijne and her peers successfully established their own company. They did this within a year — an experience that taught them the ins and outs of the entire process, from structuring a business model to conducting effective meetings with mentors and learning from graduate experiences. None of it would’ve been possible without the exposure they began gaining since their first day on campus.

For BScBA students at Nyenrode, guest lectures by industry figures bring the business world into the classroom, offering real-world perspectives that transcend textbook knowledge. The curriculum’s constant alignment with current affairs ensures students are not just well-versed in theories but are also equipped to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.

Career events, workshops, and personal consultations further create a bridge between academic pursuits and professional ambitions. “Last week, we had a career event hosting around 10 companies including Google offering workshops and presentations,” says Kathelijne, who is currently contemplating a master’s degree. The Career Development Department’s support has been invaluable, providing insights and turning her aspirations into tangible career paths.

The full time (MSc in Management) offers 3 specialization tracks: Financial Management, Digital Business & Innovation, Global Business, where you can tailor your studies to your interests and goals. Source: Nynerode Business University

The full time (MSc in Management) offers 3 specialization tracks: Financial Management, Digital Business & Innovation, Global Business, where you can tailor your studies to your interests and goals. Source: Nynerode Business University

The Netherlands’s #1 business master’s programme with global opportunities

If she wanted to achieve postgraduate success at ​​Nyenrode, Kathelijne could — thanks to the fact that the university is home to many advanced degrees, including the top-ranked

This route offers three specialisation tracks to ensure students deepen their knowledge based on the expertise they wish to hone: Financial Management, Global Business and Digital Business and Innovation. Luv Singh from India chose the third option, which prepares students to bridge the gap between business and digitisation.

The Global Immersion Programme led him to Seoul, South Korea — a trip filled with invaluable insights into innovative practices and advancements in the digital business sector. “I got to explore various companies and institutions in the field,” Luv shares. “Notable among these were Samsung, LG Innovation Centre, Sesame Lab, and Kyung Hee University.”

What it’s like to live and learn on a diverse campus

Time on campus is just as enlightening. Reflecting on his journey, Luv acknowledges the key role Nyenrode’s faculty and multicultural setting have played in his personal growth and learning. Both factors made it all the easier for him to excel academically. Beyond honing problem-solving skills, he gained access to the digital business and innovation landscape, covering diverse topics such as blockchain-based integrated digital key platforms, the use of virtual reality across sectors, and fintech trends.

“These experiences not only broadened my understanding but also highlighted the rapid progress in the advanced tech industry,” says Luv. “This diverse knowledge, coupled with the practical approach, can effectively prepare you to excel in your job from multiple perspectives.”

Nyenrode students achieve career success

Upon graduating, Luv landed an internship in cloud transformation within the fintech industry. This was a direct result of his degree’s focus on discovering individual interests and passions. Such practical experience fuelled Luv’s passion for digitalisation with an emphasis on sustainability. And this ultimately led him to move into an energy consulting role specialising in IT transformation.

Both Kathelijne and Luv’s journeys epitomise the transformative potential of a Nyenrode experience, where a commitment to community, experiential learning, faculty support, networking, and practical experience shapes well-rounded professionals ready to navigate the challenges of the business world. If that’s what you’re looking for, click here to learn more about the programmes: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Full-time Master of Science in Management.

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