Not just Business as usual: 4 Schools that give students a competitive edge
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“Learning by doing is the only way I know how to learn.” – Tony Fadell

A business education can be a truly valuable investment in your future, and choosing the right learning experience can bring returns in value that go well beyond the monetary.

As industries, careers and markets change, a solid business base will not only ensure you keep the pace, but enable you to drive it. Studies in the field can open you up to exploring new ways of thinking and discovering how you can make a contribution that lets your business thrive.

In today’s competitive employment market, a business-focused degree will turn out to be an incredibly valuable asset. Not only will it empower you with the knowledge, expertise and long-term vision that lead to innovation and growth, but you will also build a powerful network of accomplished, inspiring colleagues that will continue to sustain you long after your final class as part of the learning process.

Business graduates should make the most of the characteristics and experiences gained in their fellow alumni, since these can often open doors to new and exciting career opportunities.


While learning the theory behind good business is of the utmost importance, understanding how to apply the theoretical frameworks within a real-world business context is equally as valuable. Hands-on learning and exposure to professional projects is essential in helping students understand effective practice, allowing them to grasp the realities of the fast-paced business world.

To bridge the gap between theory and practice, forward-thinking universities are expanding their curricula to incorporate learning into real-life situations, giving students a chance to see their new-found knowledge in action while learning from those who’ve already ‘been there and done that’.

By engaging with local businesses, students are also able to benefit the communities in which they study.

While practice can’t replace theory, the same is inevitably true of the reverse. The best education environment is created when both learning techniques are integrated in one comprehensive course.

Here are 4 universities combining academic excellence with real-life projects…


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This triple-accredited international business school guarantees you not only gain the knowledge and tools to make you a crucial part of any business organisation, but also that you make the most of its stunning Swiss surroundings.

“We are proud of the unique learning environment we have nurtured here at AGSB, the School’s special atmosphere is generated from a blend of dedicated and caring faculty, a small but select international student body and a sound academic program designed to prepare students to lead the world of business and meet the challenges of the future,” says School President, Helmut Pusterer.

AGSB’s programs include a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a  Master of International Business Administration, and a Doctorate of Business Administration.  All of these offer a uniquely global experience that equips students with the know-how needed to have a tangible and material impact on their chosen business environment.

Graduates display competencies in applying academic and practical concepts to analyse business contexts with a valuable global perspective, while forming ethical reasoned judgements that allows business to sustainably thrive.

With its regional strong roots, the School encourages students to enjoy various cultural highlights through activities such as art shows, music festivals and ski trips. The School’s firm ties also open up vast academic potential with annual visits to powerhouses of business, including Nestle, Hublot and the United Nations, allowing students to learn from leaders of their field.


Image courtesy of the University of Southern Denmark

Having developed international programmes for almost twenty years, the Department of Business and Economics and the University of Southern Denmark enjoys a vibrant, multicultural environment and a worldwide network of businesses, institutions and researchers that will be at your disposal as a student here.

To fully understand the realities of the business world, the Department focuses on research-based learning within the fields of economics and business covering both theoretical and empirical subjects.

Research activities, along with teaching, are organized into five separate groups: Accounting, Finance, Econometrics and Management Science, Macroeconomics, International Economics and Economic History, and Microeconomics.

Striving to bolster its competences and enhance your learning experience, the Department collaborates with public and private organisations both nationally and internationally. Through COHERE Analysis, students can take part in research-based analyses within the social and healthcare fields.

Delivered in partnership with the Department of Public Health, the programme allows students to apply economic theory and methods to issues related to health and the provision of healthcare services, with the end goal being to benefit society.


The noble aim of UEF Business School is to contribute to the wellbeing of society while employing cross-disciplinary and internationally-recognised approaches to research and pedagogy. In achieving this goal, the School engages with local businesses to create a learning and teaching environment that benefits both the student and the local business community.

Courses include Master’s in Innovation Management, International Business and Sales Management, and Tourism Marketing and Management, all of which combine theory and practice in the rigorous programme curriculum.  Theoretical findings are effectively combined to real-life case exercises, provided by the extensive networks of local and global enterprise.

Image courtesy of the University of Eastern Finland

Not only do students have the chance to work locally, but the School also enjoys student exchange agreements with over 20 universities across the world, broadening the horizons of learning to a global scale.


At Antwerp Management School, Faculty attempts to simulate the real-world working environment so you end up prepared for the rhythm, intensity and competitiveness of the business world. Their interactive teaching method encourages student participation and instils an ability to work in teams and resolve conflicts.

In-depth links with the business world through their experienced and well-versed Faculty opens up significant networking opportunities, ensuring students have one foot in the academic world and one foot in the business world prior to graduation.

Newly-gained knowledge is also applied through AMS’s consulting projects, encouraging students to enter local businesses to lend their skills to benefit the community.

Working beyond the reaches of Antwerp, AMS is one of only a few management schools with a diverse international community. Along with a thriving international student body, the School also works with professors from every corner of the world.

The full-time Master’s programmes have been ranked in the Financial Times top 40 since 2007. Some of these include Master in China-Europe Business, Master in Global Management, Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and the Executive MBA.

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