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Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) is a coeducational, secular boarding school in grades nine through 12 and a postgraduate year.  Students here have the privilege to learn as they discover and explore their passions. Faculty engage their intellects and talents, and students are empowered to act with humanity and purpose. For Huey Miller’s parents, this was an important factor when choosing a school, as well as diversity and inclusivity. NMH was the perfect choice for them because of its academic and athletic strengths, its strong international student population, and its progressive and welcoming community. Even the admission process was a breeze to navigate.   

“We did it all: information session in Hong Kong, campus visit, reception for admitted students in Hong Kong, and campus re-visit after acceptance,” says Todd Miller, Huey’s father. “Every interaction was highly positive and the decision to attend NMH was made after the campus re-visit. Metta Dael, director of international recruitment, is a very persuasive and effective ambassador for the school.” 

Developing into a fine young adult, Huey discovered a love of economics — a subject he’d like to explore at university. “He enjoyed the subject matter and class so much that it confirmed his instinct to major in business in college,” says Todd Miller. “There’s been a maturation, and Huey has grown into a responsible, caring, independent, self-reliant, and confident young man.” 

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The Northfield Mount Hermon curriculum is designed to help students discover their true passions. Source: Northfield Mount Hermon

Such growth is due in large part to NMH’s dedicated teachers. Always going the extra mile, they craft their lessons meticulously, ensuring they instill skills that will serve students well today and in the future, such as a foundation in critical thinking, deep analysis, and thoughtful collaboration. “When I ask students to conduct research, I always begin by taking them to the library so they become familiar with the campus resources and tools available to them,” says Michael Clark, an English teacher.  

“Even with this foundation, however, students are often intimidated by the scope of a research project,” Clark added. “Therefore, I scaffold research through discrete, manageable steps, such as selecting a topic, forming keywords, navigating databases, evaluating the credibility of sources, and synthesizing information. Students practice techniques to accomplish each of these steps, thus preparing them for future independent research.” 

NMH’s Advanced Scholars Program further boosts its student’s preparation for the future. “In college and beyond in their future careers, students will encounter unfamiliar writing genres yet will be expected to produce those genres without explicit instruction,” says Clark. “Therefore, I teach my Advanced Scholars Program in Rhetoric students a genre analysis process to prepare them for these unfamiliar forms of writing. Through this process, students identify real-world models of the genre, analyze patterns within the models to determine genre conventions, and then imitate the genre by reproducing those conventions. These genre analysis skills will continue to avail students long after they have completed my course.” 

Capstone is one of our highest-level Advanced Scholars Programs. It is a self-directed project that allows students to pursue creative work beyond the regular curriculum. So for Nico’s capstone, he created an online tool that can help users learn more about healthy sleep habits and begin implementing changes to get more, and better, sleep.  

“Hey, night owl.  Ready for a change?” asks the opening page of the website, ( The name, Nico says, refers to shifting your circadian rhythm, the internal clock that regulates your sleep-wake cycle.) The site invites users to set bedtime and wake-up goals.  It also offers information about how the sleep-wake cycle works, along with evidence-based strategies for improving sleep. Nico continued, “The capstone project is a kind of the culmination of what I’ve learned up to now and a way for me to create an actual project.”

Northfield Mount Hermon 

Teachers at NMH design lessons such that students pick up necessary professional and research skills for university. Source: Northfield Mount Hermon

NMH students also benefit from the College-Model Academic Program (CMAP), which the teachers call “an intellectual game changer.” Created to give students the best chance for their future, the program puts participation and experiential learning first, followed by thoughtful exploration and multidisciplinary connections. There are many advantages, including longer class periods to fully immerse in the subject; six core academic courses per year; two years of a subject taken in one academic year; more student-teacher access; focused homework time; and more arts options. Students’ schedules can be assembled according to their interests and future goals too.  

Looking back, however, perhaps the most memorable aspect of an NMH graduate’s time here is how alive and enriching it was. “French IV Service Learning is ALL about experiential learning,” adds Sell. “A key component of the course is the service project in which students teach French to local elementary school students. They work in teaching teams of two to four and prepare weekly lessons that allow them to use their French skills in action. They learn SO much through this project — both in terms of their own language acquisition, but also about how to work as a team, how to respond to challenges, how to approach students with different learning needs, how to communicate, and how to respond to feedback.” 

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