Northeastern University: Where international business leaders are made
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Northeastern University: Where international business leaders are made

Alix Crichton has always been intrigued by culture. She was born in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France. At 18, she traveled to Malta to build her English skills and work experience. At 21, she headed off to Malaysia to pursue her undergraduate studies. Each step of her journey continued to broaden her horizons.

“The Malaysian perspective on life and work is entirely different from attitudes in Europe,” she says. “It opened my eyes to global issues and challenges I hadn’t considered before.” This ultimately led her to specialize in international business. “Northeastern University’s MS in International Management program fit my needs perfectly, especially with its emphasis on applying theoretical business strategy to real consulting cases,” she says.

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business’ MS in International Management core curriculum develops the knowledge of future-focused business leaders through cultural agility, international management skills, and a nuanced understanding of global business issues and supply chains.

You can customize your program by choosing from over 65 graduate elective courses tailored to match the career path that excites you most. D’Amore-McKim faculty’s signature focus on the tech economy ensures you step into the workplace prepared to respond to challenges and deliver creative solutions in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

In just 12 to 16 months of full-time study, you’ll master the art of leading on a global scale.

“As a part of your master’s degree, you will invest in your personal strategy,” explains Executive Professor Julia Ivy.

“You’ll write a case study that fits your multidimensional core and employ challenge-focused and trust-based storytelling as you generate value with design thinking. Finally, you’ll deliver your case to excite the industry with proven core, trust, and value. This program is designed to be a transformative experience, and I love seeing the students benefit as they follow our process.”

Its emphasis on applying theoretical business strategy to real consulting cases is a prime contributor to these transformations. By choosing Northeastern’s MS in International Management, Crichton was automatically eligible to participate in the “Make Your Case” consulting project—an opportunity for students to tackle actual business issues faced by a company aligned with their career aspirations.

For her, stepping into the industry as a student entailed working alongside Solomon Mensah, a biomedical engineering Ph.D. candidate at Northeastern. He founded Therapeutics Innovation, a company that provides state-of-the-art medical care to children worldwide. He aimed to better equip hospitals in Ghana—his home country—with a device to assist in developing the lungs of preterm babies. However, to commercialize his innovation, he needed a strong business strategy.

Photo by Adam Glanzman for Northeastern University

Solomon’s story resonated with Crichton. It inspired her to work on a case study about his company as part of her thesis.

She conducted extensive research to imbue Ghana’s political, economic, and cultural situation. To complement her findings, she spent hours interviewing Solomon about the company’s history and long-term business goals. Upon analyzing the market, industry, and company, she identified the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and an efficient product development strategy.

Crichton determined an opportunity to gain a first-mover advantage, which favors a company’s visibility in an existing market. To take advantage of this, she advised the business to work with local stakeholders and connect via social media, professional networks, and face-to-face meetings to share long-term business objectives alongside their overall vision.

“It was a great learning experience because someday, I’d like to have my own company that operates internationally,” Crichton says. “Now I have a deeper understanding of the challenges an entrepreneur faces in the global marketplace.”

Experiences like this are common at  D’Amore-McKim. Crichton’s classmate, Hannah Cheney, did her “Make Your Case” consulting project assisting non-profit organization American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad (AYUDA). As a part of a team, Cheney worked to identify a new market to further its mission to help children and their families living with diabetes.

In her quest to globalize her fire detection and alarm system products within a year, Stephanie Manna, who graduated with her MS in International Management in 2020, lent a helping hand to Magnolia Fernandez, CEO of Cofem.

With over 3,350 corporate partners worldwide, Northeastern students benefit from experience-fueled learning opportunities where the classroom integrates with the real world. They engage through professional work, research, and service. They learn how to transform ideas into impact and become global citizens with successful careers. Apart from “Make Your Case,” other D’Amore-McKim hallmarks include the 360 Huntington Fund, the student-led mutual fund; IDEA, the university’s venture accelerator; and a range of International Field Study trips.

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