Northeastern University: Where global learners bridge the gap between finance and tech
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Northeastern University: Where global learners bridge the gap between finance and tech

Meeta Chhabaria has always been intrigued by finance. Once she gained her bachelor’s degree in business in India, she sought a master’s degree as her next step — one that would prepare her for the finance industry’s move towards fintech and the utilization of emerging technologies.

When she saw that the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University offered an experience-powered program that would program that could help her build the expertise she needed to lead in a tech-driven financial world, she was sold.

The MS in Finance (Quantitative Finance) offers an opportunity to apply for a graduate co-op directly related to your major area of study, which is an excellent opportunity to learn by doing while building your resume and professional connections. Not only will you get to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to a project at a leading company or startup, but you’ll also get a feel for the company’s culture and participate in the organization’s greater mission.

Chhabaria loved how the program prepared her for success. “The opportunity to apply what I was learning in the classroom to real-world scenarios was inspiring,” she says.

She immediately gravitated toward the 360 Huntington Fund, which offers students the chance to join a real mutual fund management team of Northeastern’s endowment. Chhabaria began as an analyst at the fund. The experience enabled her to connect with students who excelled at giving stock pitches and with expert faculty members who understand the ins and outs of selecting stocks to buy, sell, or hold.

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Meeta Chhabaria will soon be starting a full-time position at investment bank Houlihan Lokey as a financial analyst. Source: Northeastern University

Eventually, her team went on to win first place in the GAME Forum international finance conference. She was even selected from among thousands of applicants to lead Northeastern’s team in the CFA Institute Investment Research Challenge.

Chhabaria credits the MS in Finance (Quantitative Finance)’s curriculum with “pushing” her to be a better communicator with greater business and arithmetic skills. Today, she is Chief Marketing Officer for the 360 Huntington Fund and a Research Assistant at Northeastern. Soon, she’ll be starting a full-time position at the investment bank, Houlihan Lokey, as a financial analyst.

“I felt my background in mass communication and finance could provide the fund with more opportunities to market itself, so I applied for a leadership position and was elected,” she says. “Holding a leadership position was also a great talking point to employ in job interviews, as many interviewers found the role and the fund unique and impressive.”

Parth Patel from India also found the 360 Huntington Fund fulfilling. “It helped me grow my skills,” he says. Upon joining as an analyst, he got to practice how to conduct the fundamental and technical research tasks to work up a particular stock. It wasn’t long until classroom lessons in financial concepts and honing technical skillsets helped Patel progress to a leadership role.

“I mentored a team of 14 analysts by sharing my thoughts and reviewing their valuations,” the graduate explains. “Overall, the 360 Huntington Fund helped me grow as an individual.”

Throughout the MS in Finance (Quantitative Finance), Patel also dove deeper into the intricacies of market trends, analysis, and investment positions through various other projects. He mastered Python and became certified in Bloomberg Market Concepts as part of his portfolio management class. These skills helped him realize his goal to work as a financial analyst after graduation.

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Parth Patel gained skills which helped him towards his goal of working as a financial analyst after he graduated. Source: Northeastern University

The Graduate Career Center, which pairs students with a dedicated advisor, offers further support. Students can review their job search strategies and resumes and attend lessons on effective networking.

The MS in Finance (Quantitative Finance) is F-1 visa-compliant and STEM-designated. This means international students can apply for a STEM extension to their Optional Practical Training (OPT), allowing them to work in the U.S. after graduation for up to 36 months instead of just 12.

Wherever D’Amore-McKim graduates end up, they arrive ready to add value. Graduate co-op and 360 Huntington Fund are just some of D’Amore-McKim’s unique experience-powered learning opportunities. “Join the finance clubs, participate in the career center’s networking events, leverage LinkedIn, and build your connections,” says Patel. “If you’re an international student, the Office of Global Services is also an excellent resource for understanding the different aspects of working post-graduation. All these steps taken together will help you land your dream job.”

To join Chhabaria and Patel, click here to learn more about D’Amore-McKim’s MS in Finance (Quantitative Finance).

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