Northeastern University: Where aspiring business leaders prepare for a data-driven world
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Northeastern University: Where aspiring business leaders prepare for a data-driven world

A business can boom if it uses data strategically — this is a fact Mannat Lamba from New Delhi, India knew well when she decided to turn her love for fashion into a clothing brand. To achieve this, she says she knew she  “needed to be knowledgeable about data and improve my technical skills, so I could better identify opportunities to improve my business processes.”

She had an undergraduate degree in fashion styling and image design as well as a master’s degree in merchandising, digital retailing, and consumer experience. While these prepared her for the consumer side of fashion, the MS in Business Analytics by the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University was the missing piece to put her business strategy into effect.

The program welcomes learners interested in numbers-focused business or data-focused science fields. It teaches you to mine data, analyze it skillfully and leverage it effectively for strategic decision-making. With technology advancing and big data disrupting operations at a rapid pace, such competencies have never been more essential.

If you’re planning to thrive in the digital economy —the journey will begin with lessons in data mining, statistical and quantitative analysis, multivariate testing, and predictive modeling. D’Amore-McKim faculty share real-world data throughout your courses to help you explore the art of building sales, enhancing marketing, and strengthening a company’s infrastructure.

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Lamba enjoyed lessons in marketing research and marketing analytics the most. “They have boosted my ability to tailor my brand’s products and marketing strategy to meet consumer needs,” she says. With broadened horizons, she’s now confident to set bigger goals. Lamba hopes to continue to build on these skills and work towards earning a Ph.D. to one day teachmarketing or analytics to college students.

This is the kind of success D’Amore-McKim’s experience-powered learning produces. Outside of the classroom, the MS in Business Analytics offers you the opportunity to apply for a graduate co-op. Graduate co-ops allow students to work on a specific project for a company during their program. These opportunities give Northeastern students a chance to get a head start in their careers as they gain professional experience while completing their degrees.

Whether at a leading company or a start-up in Boston, you will not only apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, but you’ll get a feel for the company’s culture and build professional connections.

To deepen her learning further, Lamba was also able to carry out marketing and data analytics by conducting marketing research with a Northeastern professor. “This research role will give me experience applying the knowledge I’ve gained from the program, and it will prepare me for my future in academia and as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry,” she says.

The MS in Business Analytics prepares students for a bright future. Depending on your work background, you could build towards leadership roles fueled by data – such as Chief Data Officer or Director of Analytics – in a wide range of industries, from retail to finance and health services.

If you’re looking to build your CV in the U.S., you’ll be happy to know that the MS in Business Analytics is STEM-designated. This means international students studying on campus on an F1-visa can apply to work for up to 36 months in the U.S. after completing their program. The OPT STEM extension is an additional 24 months of work authorization students can apply for, following their initial period of regular post-completion OPT (often for 12 months).

A bachelor’s degree from the business school was enough to launch Sascha Demmerle’s career in the U.S. While working in Revenue, Accounting, and Controls at MathWorks in Boston, he learned the importance of being able to turn data findings into crucial business decisions.

“This experience made me realize that in order to excel in the finance industry, I needed to equip myself with data tools and techniques used to solve current business problems,” he explains. “As a Northeastern undergrad, I had first-hand experience of the academic excellence that the university is known for. From the people to the professors, I had a great experience while I was here, so I knew it was the right choice to help me accomplish my graduate education goals as well.”

Photo by Adam Glanzman for Northeastern University

The MS in Business Analytics taught him how coding could advance his career and how new technologies can boost his knowledge of data visualization and transformation. Both thoroughly prepared him for the role he fills today as PTC’s Revenue Accounting System Specialist.

“I would recommend this program to anyone considering it,” he says. “It’s a very flexible and structured program. Within a relatively short time, students learn a lot about business analytics and how to navigate their various fields with relevant data skills and tools. The professors here are knowledgeable about business and data analytics, which prepares you to become a leader in your field.”

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