Graduate programs Northeastern CAMD
Northeastern University CAMD

Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD) offers outstanding graduate education through exploring new approaches—grounded in traditional disciplines–to this generation’s transformative questions and challenges. The college’s active, intellectually rich and engaged community prepares graduates to focus their creative talents, engage the international marketplace and shape global culture.

CAMD is constantly exploring new ways to approach creativity and creative practice, harnessing new perspectives on the world’s most pressing issues, like how to adapt to the changes brought about by artificial intelligence (AI). At the same time, the school is developing the modern tools needed to make these discoveries. Its graduate programs, which span a wide range of creative disciplines, support this mission to challenge traditional models of learning and push the boundaries of how we think about the world, as well as to provide students the tools necessary to implement the types of productive change that meet the needs of today’s modern society.

The Master of Science (MS) in Creative Practice Leadership and the Master of Science (MS) in Arts Administration and Cultural Entrepreneurship (an online-only offering), are two programs that invite students to explore new approaches to leadership in the field of critical creative practice, cultural entrepreneurship, and innovation in the arts and entertainment industries. These offerings prepare arts leaders to think critically about modes of creative expression and their evolution, and challenge students to react to new opportunities, engage new audiences, and respond to new challenges.

When it comes to design, the STEM-certified Master of Architecture (M.Arch)  as well as the Master of Design (MDes) for Sustainable Urban Environments are finding opportunities for design innovation within the realities of contemporary urban conditions, real estate and construction industries, urban planning realms, building preservation and conservations practices, pressing social and political debates, and climate change.

Graduate programs Northeastern CAMD

Northeastern University CAMD

Another program that is applicable to a wide range of industries and fields is the STEM-certified Master of Science (MS) in Game Science and Design. This program embraces a different type of design, giving students a comprehensive understanding of how successful game products are created in a player-centric environment. Focusing on the science of game development, students learn to build social and mobile games that can be applied to health, education and training, and embrace key industry techniques including play psychology, graphics tools, game mechanics, game analytics, and advanced artificial intelligence and narrative skills.

Two other design degrees likewise embrace modern tools needed to compete in today’s competitive global marketplace. CAMD’s graduate offerings in Experience Design (MFA, MS, and graduate certificate) are employing investigation, analysis, creativity and technology as tools to understand human goals, needs and desires and to mediate the human experience.

At the same time, graduate offerings in Information Design and Visualization (MFA, graduate certificate, and the STEM-certified Master of Science degree), help students develop the tools to communicate information and data in a visual, compelling way. Both the Experience Design and Information Design and Visualization offerings span a wide range of industries and areas, and students have the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals, researchers and clients in a variety of fields and settings.

Finally, CAMD’s Master of Arts (MA) in Journalism is embracing data-driven, digital storytelling as a tool to tell the stories that matter. The Master of Science (MS) in Media Advocacy, joint with the Law School, also ignites valuable social change by teaching graduates how to effectively embrace strategic communication as a tool to succeed as resilient, media-empowered citizens in a global society. Like many of CAMD’s graduate programs, it is an interdisciplinary degree; it is focused on the intersection of communication, digital media, law and policy.

A Creative Nerve-Center in the Heart of Boston

The City of Boston provides a valuable laboratory for the hands-on, real-world learning featured by the CAMD. When students choose to pursue a graduate degree at Northeastern University, they are choosing to study in a hub for intellect, culture and innovation. CAMD’s location in Boston allows students to live and work in one of the world’s premier cities for the arts, media and design, as well as for bourgeoning technology industries, which provides the perfect backdrop for research and learning. With hundreds of museums, performing arts centres, music venues and cutting-edge media events, students find there is always something new to explore.

Each program offers flexible courses that elevate a student’s talents and passions with classes that are taught by world-renowned faculty who are experts in their field. Faculty – who are equipped with the work, research and teaching experience needed to educate and inspire – stand at the intersection of technology and creative practice, all displaying fluency in data, technological and creative literacy.

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