Moving out of your student accommodation responsibly
Here are some handy tips on moving out of your student accommodation. Source: Shutterstock

We know the stress of moving out from your home and into a student accommodation can be taxing – both financially and emotionally. But the stress can be equally bad – or worse – depending on how prepared (or unprepared) you are.

It can be surprising how much stuff you can accumulate over a short period, so it’s important you sort out your belongings before moving day rather than leaving it to the last minute. 

You don’t want a situation of residents complaining about how they found furniture such as desks and chairs, as well as duvets, linen and kitchen utensils being thrown away. Or having unused food, small fridges, mixers, kettles and other electrical appliances left behind on the streets. To avoid ticking off your tenant and those in close proximity of your house, here are some suggestions on how to move out of your student accommodation responsibly:

Make a list

To avoid forgetting your valuable possessions, get organised by making a list of essential items that need to be packed. This gives you a chance to figure out how many boxes or bags you’ll need for your belongings and decide what should be kept.

Dispose of items that can’t be salvaged

Make it a point to recycle or donate items that are in good condition. Source: Shutterstock

Once you’ve identified items that can’t be salvaged, make the necessary arrangements ahead of time to dispose of them responsibly. 

For instance, if you and your housemates have a couch that’s not fit to be reused, you might want to contact your waste management/local scrap yard to see whether they will take large items, rather than dumping it on a sidewalk and irking your neighbours. 

Sell your belongings

Do you have old textbooks, tables, chairs, clothing or even desk lamps in near-perfect condition? Use this time to make some money by selling these items. 

Look out for Facebook groups and the like where you can promote and sell your second-hand belongings, or look out for freshmen who would probably be more than happy to buy them off you. You could also get creative and sell them on apps. 

Not all your items will be quick to sell, so be sure to give yourself some buffer time.

Donate your belongings

Pack and donate items such as pots and pans. Source: Shutterstock

International students may not want to bring home items such as duvet covers, bed sheets and curtains. Selling these items can be challenging, but if they’re still in good condition, why not donate them to a family in need or even to a charity? 

Keep your student accommodation as you found it

This means furniture should be where it was originally in the same working condition, as well as ensuring the house is clean or risk losing all or a portion of your deposit. 

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