Millersville University: A day in the life of an international student
Gasser Abousaif (left). Source: Millersville University of Pennsylvania

The voyage from Mexico City suburbs to the Millersville University campus in Pennsylvania was a big transition for Regina Sanchez Alcalde.

But from day one, the university’s staff have been there to assuage any doubts and difficulties she has about living far away from home.

“I remember asking the Graduate department different questions and they were very helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming,” she said.

Until today, Regina’s assessment of Millersville University as a warm and amiable community hasn’t changed: “I still think professors, staff members and students are very friendly. I also appreciate how professors care for their students and help students, something that might be very hard to do in a bigger university.”

A campus that cares for your future

Regina is a current Master Of Science In Clinical Psychology student at Millersville University.

Regina Sanchez Alcalde. Source: Millersville University of Pennsylvania

She loves her programme because her professors in the Psychology Department have “great knowledge and experience about helping children and families.”

The faculty members also make Regina feel welcome as they take the time to talk to her, answer her questions and to steer her closer to her career goals.

Outside the classroom, Millersville University motivates and supports international students like Regina through their on-site Career Services.

So whether you want to work in the US, or take your experience elsewhere after graduation, you can always depend on the university’s support.

 “The university continues to help me in my career development and prepares me for life after graduation by enabling international students to work on campus and getting career guidance from professors,” adds Regina.

For Gasser Abousaif, who is taking a triple major in Marketing, Management and International Business, the university’s career support is helping him land valuable internships.

“I had a marketing internship with the Office of International Programs and Services (IPS) that allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of social media marketing,” he said.

“This is also something that I would be interested in pursuing after graduation to jumpstart my career and learn more about social media trends.”

In addition to career-boosting internships, Gasser explains that Millersville University has given him the opportunity to develop his leadership skills, gain industry-specific knowledge and build a network with local professionals who can help enhance his employability.

Gasser Abousaif. Source: Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Gasser had chosen Millersville University because he knew he would acquire the fundamental knowledge of today’s business world as it is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP), which certifies business schools with robust, relevant programmes.

“Millersville offered me great resources, such as the Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM) office, which provide résumé critiques, job opportunities and mock interviews to prepare students well for the workforce after graduation,” Gasser said.

“These opportunities, combined with the valuable skills and knowledge I have learned at Millersville, have provided me with significant professional development skills that will prepare me to tackle the challenges that I will encounter after I graduate and enter the workforce.”

A safe, secure campus that you can explore

At Millersville University, there’s never a shortage of student activities.

On campus, there are over 150 clubs and organisations at the Centre for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL) and numerous student facilities open for students to use.

The library is Gasser’s favourite: “The resources available there have helped me study for my exams, write my research papers for my classes and keep me powered through with plenty of caffeine from the Starbucks kiosk in the library!”

Like Gasser, Regina finds the campus and its surroundings stimulating yet safe at the same time.

She has enjoyed exploring Lancaster County — where Millersville University is located — a natural landscape filled with golden plots of farmland, hiking trails and kayaking spots.

Source: Millersville University of Pennsylvania

“I like Millersville because the campus is safe and calm, but it is also very close to Downtown Lancaster which is filled with different types of restaurants and more activities,” she said.

“And due to its location, I can also travel to Washington, D.C, New York City, Annapolis, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and more!”

Regina is right about Millersville University feeling safe and secure — it is one of the safest college campuses in America according to and students can use the Livesafe app to quickly and efficiently report any campus security concerns.

Another key point to note is how Millersville University stands by its international student community, especially during uncertain times like today’s COVID-19 pandemic,

As Regina says, “The university and staff have taken the right measures to take care of their local and international students — and that is very important!”

“I am making the most of it by continuing my education and doing the things I didn’t always have time to do such as cooking and reading. I think it is important to be grateful in every circumstance.”

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