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Many keep an eye on the fluctuations in the US dollar, especially the international students looking to study there. Tuition fees and living expenses can add up to a hefty amount, causing some to sacrifice quality education for lower costs. Midway University doesn’t ask you to compromise that, offering a fully immersive student experience at inexpensive prices. 

Known as one of the most affordable private universities in central Kentucky, MidwayU is where 99% of traditional undergraduate students receive a form of financial aid. Whether it is through federal or state aid, grants, loans or scholarships, the university’s Financial Aid Office is always ready to lend a helping hand. 

For master’s students, MidwayU’s MBA degrees are reasonably priced too. With the university recently lowering tuition to US$475 per credit hour, you only need up to just US$14,250 to earn the general MBA degree. There’s the option to earn the MBA in 12 months too, saving more time, as well as money.

Beyond that, MidwayU offers over 25 career-focused majors, pre-professional programmes, and three graduate programmes. 

The B.S. Business Administration programme gives you a strong foundation in business principles that apply to many industries. At MidwayU, you can strengthen your CV further by adding an area of concentration or minor to further specialise in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, or leadership. 

Daniel Cogo from Italy had started with a business administration degree before pursuing a major in accounting too. Cogo, who had prior experience in accounting, credits his accounting professor for noticing his skills and pushing him to take up the double degree. The smaller student-to-teacher ratio was what made this shift possible. 

“I really liked both my business and accounting classes because of the relationships you build with the professors,” says Cogo. “Since the classes have about a maximum of 30 students, the professor is able to help you individually.”  

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Midway University B.S. Business Administration graduate Christian Neira was a coach for Orlando City SC and Montverde Academy, where he shared his passion for sports and mentored the next generation on the symbiotic relationship between education and athletics. Source: Midway University

B.S. Business Administration graduate Christian Neira complemented his degree with a minor in sports management. “The combination of academic excellence and my involvement with the football team played a pivotal role in shaping my character and skills,” he says. “The close-knit community at MidwayU fostered an environment where I not only learned the theoretical aspects within my major but also developed practical knowledge that has proven invaluable in my professional journey.”

Upon graduating, Neira had skills beyond business administration, namely communication and networking skills and attention to detail. And because of the solid foundation he built at MidwayU, he could adapt to an entirely different industry.

“Remarkably, my journey did not confine itself to the sports world,” says Neira, who now works in logistics. “The ability to think independently and perceive opportunities where others see challenges has been instrumental in my current role.”

Neira’s minor, the Sport Management programme, is considered one of the university’s fastest-growing majors, combining business and management principles with a focus on sports, events and marketing. Here, students learn the necessities of managing sports programmes in any setting, regardless of business, community, public, or private. 

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Small classes, affordable tuition and a proven record of success make Midway University’s Nursing programme a great choice. Source: Midway University

The university’s Nursing programme is one of its most notable too, with students receiving job offers before graduating. Available at associate and bachelor’s degree levels and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc, it involves invested professors, and concentrated, supervised laboratory and clinical experiences. MidwayU has also recently announced a new Fast Track Associate Degree Nursing programme aimed at helping advance students into their nursing programme quicker.

For those interested in attending graduate school in one of the allied health professions, MidwayU’s Health Sciences programme provides you with a strong foundation. Those aiming to enter the pharmacy, medicine, veterinary medicine, and physical and occupational therapy fields can consider the Biology programme, where 90% of graduates are accepted into graduate and professional schools. Meanwhile, the Computer Science programme prepares you for a rapidly growing, in-demand field, ready to confidently adapt and navigate the industry. 

MidwayU invests in its students, engaging you in personalised learning experiences and preparing you for a fulfilling career upon graduation. 

“The university’s commitment to supporting students, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, has been a guiding light,” says Neira. “They gave me unwavering support, a nurturing environment, and the tools for success that have shaped my journey. The lessons learned here have empowered me to be a confident, independent thinker, and I carry the MidwayU spirit with pride in every endeavour.”

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