Mid Sweden University: Where world-class engineers are made
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Mid Sweden University: Where world-class engineers are made

Consider the things we take for granted today. From smartphones to virtual assistants, these technologies fit in so well in our daily lives that we don’t really even notice them anymore – the marker of truly successful innovation.

The brilliant minds behind these innovations? An army of engineers and computer science professionals quietly working behind the scenes – each day getting closer to wide-ranging solutions to make our lives faster, easier and better.

A Master’s degree from Mid Sweden University could be just the ticket to join this dynamic profession.

Mid Sweden University

Master’s in engineering degrees that help students make an impact

Mid Sweden University’s strong points in postgraduate studies are in the field of electronics and computer engineering. These are conducted in close collaboration with research and industry to enhance students’ career-readiness.

Subjects in these programmes cover a broad range of areas – from the design and processing of electronic devices to computer systems for measurements and communications.

Students can choose from two high-quality, international Master programmes fully taught in English: MSc in Computer Engineering and MSc in Embedded Sensor Systems (ESS).

The MSc in Computer Engineering is ideal for those who want to work in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT) as it addresses all the future challenges where an increasing number of different machines, sensors and actuators are connected. These complex connected systems can be found in areas such as smart homes, smart cities and smart industries, among others. The IoT is a new and fast-expanding area in computer science, covering both theoretical and engineering topics.

The programme is multidisciplinary, providing advanced knowledge and skills in three essential and critical areas: communication networks, data analytics as well as security and privacy. Meanwhile, courses in machine learning, data mining, wireless networks, network security, distributed systems, visualisation and performance modelling are taught by internationally-recognised faculty members in the field.

Supplementing all these are hands-on experience with emerging technologies and opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research.

For students who would like to develop a broad knowledge of the different technologies that form the basis of embedded sensor systems, the MSc in Embedded Sensor Systems is a suitable alternative.

Embedded systems are a dedicated computer system that can be found in many consumer electronics, medical electronics, vehicles, in addition to the army, aviation and space.

In the MSc in Embedded Sensor Systems programme, students will gain an understanding of how to design embedded sensor systems, and how to connect them to different products, programmes, apps and their features.

The programme was developed in cooperation with the industry and researchers, and responds to current and future market needs. Upon successful completion, graduates can work as an employee in the industry or as a consultant – your knowledge and expertise will be sought after in the international labour market.

In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, another key reason Mid Sweden University graduates are at the forefront of addressing global engineering challenges can be attributed to its research-oriented education and strong connection to a world-class research environment.

The university is home to the STC (Sensible Things that Communicate) Research Centre, which develops sensor-based systems and services for use within IoT. Their research in electronics and computer science has a focus on industrial IoT, next-generation measurement systems and functional surfaces.


The DNA of a world-class institution

One of the unique characteristics of Mid Sweden University is the combination of a small college’s    intimacy and a large university’ educational variety and resources.

Small class sizes and accessible staff make it possible for students to have close contact with their lecturers and a sense of belonging and closeness that only a small institution can bring. In addition to being close-knit, classes at Mid Sweden University are diverse too, attracting a good mixture of male and female students.

As for its location, the university is in the heart of northern Europe, with a campus close to the city centre and nestled against the backdrop of beautiful forests and mountains. To study here is to have the ideal background for productive study but close to plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

Students admitted to any of these programmes at Mid Sweden University are also offered a housing guarantee by the Municipality of Sundsvall.

For research-oriented education, career-readiness and a caring campus, Mid Sweden University is the place to be.

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