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MIB Trieste School of Management: Turning students into global leaders

Irene Camber boasts more opportunities than the average professional. After earning a degree in law, she won a scholarship to pursue the Master in Insurance and Risk Management at MIB Trieste School of Management. Here, her personal and professional worlds grew — in many ways.

First, the programme showed her that the finance and insurance world is more than just about numbers. It taught her it’s also about people and what it’s like to work in an international environment.

New points of view and opinions abound. “Working with people from many different countries showed me that understanding different views is just as important as having different views in the first place,” she says.

Recently, Irene was promoted to HR Specialist at Generali Insurance Group. Straddling a law background and what she gained from the MIRM, her knowledge, skills and experience stood out. 

“My background in law allowed me to pay great attention to detail into the general framework but it doesn’t cover the quantitative aspects of my current job,” Irene says. “MIRM gave me the tools I needed to become a better professional, which is understanding the finance and insurance world from an economics perspective.”

Graduates like Irene are what today’s employers are seeking for. Strong in technical expertise as well as in their managerial approach and leadership strategies, they are the kind of recruits the insurance, consultancy, risk management, and financial services sectors need to add value to their organisations. 

Although these sectors are far from oversaturated, graduates still need the right competencies and capabilities to enter and grow, confirms Fabia Radetti, Project Manager at MIB Trieste School of Management’s Career Centre. 

“The ability to acquire and analyse information and make quick decisions along with technical and quantitative managerial skills: this is what companies are asking for today,” she says. “Due to this, we changed our training approach which is appreciated by many companies, especially in consulting.”

The full-time, highly specialised, 12-month programme is among the very few master’s degrees accredited by EFMD Global, the most complete accreditation system for management programmes. It is also one of the world’s best master’s programmes, rising in 2021 to the #4 position worldwide in the World Ranking of Eduniversal — Insurance, Risk and Actuarial Sciences category.

More importantly, it’s a programme that serves as an open door to some of the most influential markets of recent years. Knowledge and insights students gain during the programme have maximum usability in the job market.

The programme is made up of 17 compulsory courses, 12 of which focus on more technical knowledge, four are dedicated to managerial issues, and a year-long Leadership Dynamics course that will work on soft skills and personal development. Students can personalise their own electives according to their interests, with courses like Big Data Management, Data Analytics, Open Innovation, Emerging Markets, Firm Valuation and Corporate Sustainability Strategies and more available for registration.

Every month, the Steering Committee meets four partner companies (Allianz, EY, Generali, KPMG) and external companies to ensure that the MIRM programme is up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry. By engaging with major market players, the committee keeps the content fresh and in line with the concrete needs of business. 

The master’s programme is supported by a wide corporate network made of 10 sponsor companies and more than 50 partners: every candidate has a remarkable opportunity to get a scholarship and to get noticed and hired.

At every step of their MIRM journey, the Career Centre is there to support every student too.  Outside of the classroom, many students use the internship period to get professional  experience in a company. Others take part in a research or consulting project in collaboration with a company; or continue to study abroad at one of MIB’s Business School partners including Rollins College in the US or Lingnan College in China, for an Exchange Study Programme.  

Such features have profound impact. As many as 90% of MIRM graduates are employed within six months of graduation. Nationality does not matter either, for over half of the students that attend MIB Trieste School of Management do not hail from Italy. 

MIB Trieste School of Management

Source: MIB Trieste School of Management

Hybrid formula, international experience

Being prepared to work in a global environment is of utmost importance nowadays, with many companies now realising the benefits of a global workforce. In the MIRM programme, students will get the chance to learn alongside those from every continent. Students come from an average of 10 countries yearly, creating a multicultural classroom and global experience will set them up to thrive on the international front.

The MIRM programme exists in two forms: in-person or online – offering flexibility to those in full-time employment. Study-work-life balance is important, hence why the university allows students to complete the one year programme in two years if they wish.

Just like Irene, students do not need a prior undergraduate degree in business or economics to join – the programme’s curriculum is open to graduates in Economics, Management, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Sciences, Insurance, STEM, Engineering, Physics, Law, who demonstrate “a spirit of initiative and the desire to get involved in a global and multi-ethnic environment.”

If you apply now, you have the opportunity to compete for a scholarship and navigate some of the most influential markets in the world alongside hundreds of alumni who have graduated from the Master in Insurance and Risk Management programme.

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