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Malmö University: Making media technology experts

Technology is radically transforming the media landscape, and Malmö University has just the Master’s programme to give you a competitive edge.

The two-year postgraduate degree in Media Technology: Strategic Media Development will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to be a creator, critic and strategist in digital media technologies. In this innovative programme, students will gain an advanced understanding of the complex interplay between people, organisational processes and digital technologies.

Research-based and industry-relevant, the curriculum will train students to become leaders in the strategic development of future media technologies across various industries.

Alumnus Melissa Kaivo is one of them.

“The reason why I chose media technology was that it sounded like a perfect fit with my background. I could really combine my experience working in a media company with my studies and programming skills,” she said.

Looking for a place to study abroad, the answer soon became clear. It had to be Sweden for its many high-level universities and a degree could open doors to the international job market. At the end of that search, it became clear that the best place for her to gain all of this was Malmö; an urban, innovative university offering a variety English-taught Master programmes.

Her decision paid off. Kaivo is now an educational content creator at Arduino – the world’s leading open-source hardware and software ecosystem with a community of over 30 million active users. She landed a job here after writing a thesis on the company for her Master’s. Today, the Malmö University alumna’s day job includes creating some of the most successful tools for STEM/STEAM education.

“At the moment I’m working on a product that is for students from 14 to 17 years old. Each student group gets a small box with components such as buttons, lights and ultrasonic sensor and an Arduino board. With these they learn how to control common electronics that we use in our everyday life,” she explained.

Malmo’s Master programme is one that sets students up for success in this technological era. As Kaivo’s story showed, graduates of this Master programme will be equipped with technical, business-oriented and user-centric perspectives to innovate and drive change through media; in other words, an extremely powerful skillset for a media practitioner as the Fourth Industrial Revolution dawns upon us.

In the US, employment in digital newsrooms increased 82 percent between 2008 and 2018. Meanwhile, its newspaper industry saw the loss of about 33,000 newspaper newsroom jobs during the same period, according to Pew Research.

It’s not just newsrooms that are affected by technology. Social media is taking over as the main medium of communication, gradually becoming the go-to source for everything from entertainment to learning how to solve math equations. CEOs and CMOs are actively introducing or already using technologies that automate manual labour, a Nielsen study found, including augmented or virtual reality. The global AR market in 2015 was estimated at more than US$3 billion. By 2021, it’s expected to grow to US$133 billion (by 85 percent per year).

It seems there will be no shortage of opportunities in digital media, and Mats Weidmar, Co-founder and Innovation Strategist at Jayway by Devoteam, a Malmö University partner, can attest to this.

With more new and powerful tools, there will be a plethora of opportunities for graduates with a master’s degree in media technology. From media strategist to developer, from analyst to digital marketing manager, the options are many and growing for those who see beyond the hype and make informed, timely decisions in today’s complex media environment.

“The new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs must, therefore, be adept at technology while at the same time being able to help organizations imagine the future, facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration and navigate uncertainty. Malmö University has developed a very ambitious master’s…to teach these skills,” said Weidmar.

Being based in Malmö means living in an innovative city and a booming start-up community. This Swedish city may be relatively small, but it’s home to a number of media, technology and creative companies and organisations. Students here will have the chance to collaborate with local industry and gain real-world experience through cases, projects and internships.

On campus, students in this Master programme will enjoy a vibrant, interdisciplinary research environment, which includes the Data Society Research Platform and the Internet of Things and People Research Centre. In addition to learning about the latest academic developments in the field, students can also take part in the ongoing faculty research projects during their enrolment in the programme.

An innovative curriculum, a strong research environment, a close connection with industry – Malmö University’s Media Technology: Strategic Media Development Master will make you the media technology expert you aim to be.

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