Lycée Condorcet de Sydney: The ultimate secondary school experience
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Lycée Condorcet de Sydney: The ultimate secondary school experience

Jacinta, a Year 12 student, has spent her entire schooling life at Lycée Condorcet de Sydney (LCS). Her parents chose the school to equip their daughter with the skills typically associated with a bilingual education. “Studying French was a dream, and the opportunity to attend prestigious yet affordable universities in Europe makes it a reality” says the student.

Indeed, LCS excels in academic excellence. Multilingualism is at the heart of its approach, following the fundamental principles of the Agency for French Education Abroad, ensuring a comprehensive, enriching foundation for students between ages of three and eighteen.

LCS is a school registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). This means it has access to a limited number of student visa places and also guarantees international students receive an education that meets the high standards set by the Australian government.
Jacinta’s progress over the years proves this – and that New South Wales’s most affordable independent international school – 30% cheaper than the average IB scholarship in NSW — is also one of the most flexible. To ensure every learner receives an education best suited to their needs and aspirations, LCS offers three different diplomas of equal value.

Jacinta opted for the International Baccalaureate (IB), a qualification recognised in 150 countries across the globe and recognised by experts for its effectiveness. In fact, a recent study highlighted that students taking one or more IB classes and assessments are twice as likely to graduate from college on time. IB Coordinator Marcel Hennes describes it as a “breeding ground for scholars and leaders.”

LCS has matriculated students to many of the world’s finest universities across Australia, Europe, and the US. Source: Lycée Condorcet de Sydney

At LCS, IB students take on six subjects and choose three to study at a higher level. “In each subject, you gain a wider scope of knowledge,” says Jacinta. “Especially for me in History, I’ve learned so much about the cultural significance of events that have happened in the past and how they affect us today. I really enjoy my subjects and I think the IB has made me more open-minded and independent.”

The programme also includes three specific components of the IB: The Theory of Knowledge (ToK), The Dissertation, which is an in-depth essay on a topic of their choice, and The Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) curriculum — which is particularly enriching for students who appreciate learning by doing. It’s a combination that prepares LCS students to excel in university and life, all while enjoying the best Sydney and their school has to offer. LCS students can go for an ocean swim in between classes, located just a few kilometres from the beach, or compete in swimming and badminton championships organised by their school.

The IB was just as impactful to student Jim, who struggled to pinpoint a passion at his last school. “The programme has given me a better understanding of biology and I’m a lot more interested in it now than I used to be,” he explains. “I am interested in pursuing the subject in university and as a professional — the IB definitely helped me realise that. It’s safe to say it elevated my interests.”

The LCS student body currently represents 61 nationalities. Source: Lycée Condorcet de Sydney

The internationally-recognised French General Baccalaureate is better suited for students seeking to pursue higher education in France, Australia and worldwide. It aims to guide them toward progressive specialisation while immersing them in modern languages and knowledge of the arts and culture.

The French International Baccalaureate (BFI) is similar but includes significant content in foreign languages and mathematics in English. It’s not a diploma of its own, but it is a specific option of the Baccalaureate, with most subjects offered in bilingual (French/English) forms. Due to its rigorous nature, the BFI undoubtedly provides recognition and credibility with both French and international universities.

All lessons are conducted in small classrooms to ensure students receive optimal support and personalised learning. Expert educators nurture them to be excellent communicators, collaborators, and critical thinkers. State-of-the-art teaching facilities and the latest technologies keep them ahead of the curve. A lineup of over 40 extracurricular activities enables them to explore and learn new artistic, scientific, cultural, sporting, technological and manual skills.

Merge breadth and quality offerings with accessibility, and it’s easy to understand why there are currently 61 nationalities being represented at LCS by 1,214 students  — all of whom feel right at home. Here, teachers and students work together to nurture a strong sense of sharing, living together and cultural diversity.

 Graduate Sacha, who is now studying at Sciences Po Paris, credits the school’s emphasis on support for making her the confident, determined young lady she is today. “Since year 1, I’ve been supported by caring teachers who never doubted my abilities,” she says.

“When I moved to secondary school, they were always there to help and give me extra time to ensure I understood everything. In high school, LCS gave me opportunities for volunteering, such as tutoring and library help, which strengthened my CV. Finally, it should be emphasised that the reputation of LCS precedes it. It is a reference that enhances my resume and piques the curiosity of examiners.”

It’s little wonder why, considering LCS boasts a 100% success rate at BAC and IB, with 100% achieving distinctions. To secure your child’s future, click here to learn more about applying to LCS.

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