LSBU: Social science degrees that prime graduates for career success
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LSBU: Social science degrees that prime graduates for career success

The world is in a constant state of flux. In the age of technological revolution, our personal and professional lives are being moulded by technology. Understandably, there’s been a push for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies in light of these rapid advancements, but despite that, the social sciences have never been more relevant.

The consulting firm McKinsey has noted that our uniquely human skills – including communication, negotiation, critical thinking, leadership and creativity – will be among the prized skills that will help individuals remain relevant.

These are the same attributes graduates from London South Bank University’s School of Law and Social Sciences can expect to gain from their degree programmes.

Social science graduates who make a difference in the world

LSBU is located in the heart of London – a cosmopolitan metropolis – and offers career-focused programmes with opportunities for mentorships, internships and work experience placements. Attesting to its prowess is its unprecedented double win as The Times and Sunday Times University of the Year for Graduate Employment in both 2018 and 2019.

Addressing social justice and global responsibility serves as the framework for LSBU’s courses that engage with today’s urgent social and political challenges. Their professionally-accredited courses put theory into practice with a wide range of dedicated spaces and equipment to replicate the workplace, as well as work experience opportunities, while they are also focused on activism and in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Prospective undergraduate students can choose from a myriad of programmes at LSBU, such as criminology, politics, sociology, history, international relations, to meet their personal and professional interests.

More importantly, all five discipline areas have a focus on issues of social justice and on becoming active agents of change in the world, whether locally, nationally or internationally, ensuring students can work their way towards making positive contributions to the world.

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Develop a deep understanding of international affairs

Global issues impact our lives in more ways than we can imagine.

Be it the next US President and their policies regarding immigration and education, or the health and economic implications of the novel coronavirus outbreak, these issues can leave an indelible mark on society.

LSBU’s BA (Hons) International Relations programme is an interdisciplinary degree will help you to become an active agent of change in the international system. Students will explore issues from a number of perspectives – global and systemic, individual and rational, cultural and critical and Western-centric and post-Western. There are also interactive seminars and workshops to encourage open debate from students.

Understanding societies better

Human civilisation is a complex cocktail of social hierarchies, cultural nuances and varied religious institutions, to name a few. Coupled with technological advances that have made us more connected than ever – and yet, increasingly isolated – society continues to face a number of complex issues that will affect how we live, work or maintain our relationships.

Sociology allows us to understand societies better, an essential skill to have in our increasingly borderless world. LSBU’s BSc (Hons) Sociology programme provides students with the opportunity to engage with these, and many other contemporary issues such as globalisation, gender, religion, sexuality, identity formation, nationalism and more.

Students will also develop their abilities as investigators of social life in London and beyond by using everything from interviews to videos, in addition to their skills and confidence in key areas, to turn their degree into an excellent career.

By the end of the programme, students can expect to have a balance of theory, practice and experience, in addition to having the tools to be active global citizens.

Source: LSBU

Research focus on social justice and global responsibility

One of the biggest ways to become a changemaker is via research.

As such, through the work of their research groups, LSBU’s Centre for Social Justice and Global Responsibility examines key issues of social justice reform in diverse areas such as access to justice, crime, disability, human rights, migration and sustainability.

They engage with a range of academic institutions, public authorities, private institutions and third sector partners on a variety of projects relating to the range of interests of members of the Centre and the Groups to make an impact.

Without a doubt, LSBU has all the ingredients that would enable future changemakers to shine. Apply today.

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