The right training is key to creating a lifetime of success. Just ask any international student who has regretted rushing to university without the right preparation. Teenagers with specific aspirations are especially likely to benefit from the right guidance –– particularly the kind that comes with a higher national diploma, foundation degree, or full honours degree. More so if it is one delivered in partnership with leading universities.

Take 18-year-old Mark Nedaskovski’s story, for instance. The Estonian knew exactly what he wished to achieve and that the only way he would be able to do so was with the right education. Upon exploring institutions in the US, Russia, and a few closer to home, he found only one that measured up: Loughborough College.

Here, undergraduate provisions are delivered in partnership with leading universities and awarding bodies, such as Nottingham Trent University, the University of Warwick, University of Derby, and of course, Loughborough University –– all of whom ensure qualifications meet the highest possible standards.

“I really like the history and community around Loughborough College and its connections with Loughborough University,” Mark says. “Furthermore, you can pick three subjects you like the most and put all your focus into them.”

Mark quickly identified the areas he needed to excel in to fulfil his dreams of working in the aerospace industry, hopefully on a project that would further humankind’s exploration of space. Excel he did. With the help of his teachers, the math whiz achieved three A* scores in A Level Maths, Further Maths and Physics. Excellent results helped him secure a place at Imperial College London to pursue its MEng Aeronautical Engineering programme.

Loughborough College

Joshua Borges credits his academic successes to the educators who “challenged and supported” him when he needed it the most. Source: Loughborough College

Similar to Mark, Joshua Borges, 17, recently achieved a clean sweep of A* in his A Level Maths, Physics and Further Maths. He also scored two D* in BTEC Level 3 Space Engineering –– a programme he joined to advance his love for flight. It is also the college’s most academically challenging further education course. However, Joshua can confirm that it is just as fulfilling. “The whole maths team was very supportive,” he says. “They realised my potential and helped me achieve what I did.”

Thanks to industry insights, time spent at the National Space Centre in Leicester, and several conversations with guest speakers; he gained the exposure, skills, and confidence needed to continue soaring high at Loughborough University.

Outcomes like Mark’s and Joshua’s are common for those that choose Loughborough College as their springboard to academic or professional success –– no matter their aspiration. Even Paralympians find their place here before occupying the pages of history books. Thomas Young, Sophie Hahn, Libby Clegg, George Peasgood, Aaron McKibbin, Ross Wilson, and Olivia Breen are prime examples. Each returned from the Tokyo Paralympics with a medal to show off

While traditional sporting aspirations are accommodated here, so is an interest in Esports. Loughborough offers a level three qualification that deep dives into the rising sector in ways other colleges do not. Why? The experience helps avid gamers build on transferable skills in not just business and enterprise, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship; but health and wellbeing, coaching, and events management as well. Talk about vibrant training.

Loughborough College

At Loughborough College, when connections aren’t forged in small classrooms, they are made at the on-campus coffee bar, restaurant, retail outlet, hairdresser, pub, or nightclub. Source: Loughborough College

Exciting and enriching opportunities abound in the green Midlands

Located in the Midlands –– at the heart of England in the northernmost part of the county of Leicestershire –– Loughborough College shares an open, lush home with Loughborough University, making it one of the most expansive campuses in Europe. It is centrally placed, less than two miles away from junction 23 of the M1 motorway and just a couple of hours away from Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds by train.

In this cosmopolitan, yet friendly atmosphere, teenagers and young adults from over 40 countries gain inspiration through interaction. With every stroll or conversation shared with faculty members, seniors, or even university students, whose shoes they will one day fill, students take massive steps toward realising their passions –– if they haven’t already.

When connections aren’t forged in small classrooms; they are made at the on-campus coffee bar, restaurant, retail outlet, hairdresser, pub, or nightclub –– which host events throughout the week for over 4,000 fun-seekers. The same enthusiasm can be felt at the Loughborough Students’ Union, where enrollees gain access to a wide range of rewarding activities, societies, support offerings, and key information.

Which student wouldn’t like to know about the many ways they could make the most of a Loughborough experience? After all, there’s plenty to discover.

Options are endless. Academically, Loughborough College specialises in the areas of early years education, management, music, public services, sport, teacher training, and engineering. These offerings are updated regularly to ensure teachings remain as relevant as they are excellent.

Just recently, it began offering a BEng (Hons) degree in Sustainable Engineering –– a qualification that covers the fundamental principles of mechanical and electrical/electronic engineering.

Little wonder why accreditation bodies take notice and students leave fulfilled. The college was awarded Gold for higher education in the Teaching Excellence Framework 2019. Today, results from the National Student Survey 2021 showed “overall satisfaction with the quality of courses” at Loughborough College rose by 2% to 85% –– a full 10% higher than the national average.

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