live webinars
Ask questions to business professionals across the web. Source: Olivier Douliery/ AFP

Business classes cancelled?

No worries. Keep your business acumen sharp with live webinars – otherwise known as an online event – where you can connect to speakers virtually and find out more about a specific area of interest. 

Not only will these webinars provide you with perspectives from all around the world, but they’ll also encourage you to submit questions, respond to polls and use other interactive tools to have your voice heard too. 

And the best part? 

You don’t have to move a muscle! Well, apart from your hands while typing in your webinar questions …


live webinars

Live webinars let you travel all over the world without the need to move from your desk. Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images via AFP

Alongside an influx of news stories about entrepreneurship, small business management and current business trends, Entrepreneur magazine also hosts a selection of monthly live webinars. If you miss out on any of the live broadcasts that they feature, don’t panic – Entrepreneur keeps a record of all past webinars. For instance, they’ve kept this webinar which highlights the importance of female business leadership and the challenges that female leaders must overcome in today’s business landscape.

Whole Whale

live webinars

Ask questions to business professionals across the web. Source: Olivier Douliery/ AFP

Small Business Expo

live webinars

Live webinars are an engaging, interactive source of education. Source: Marco Berterollo/AFP

Small Business Expo is one of America’s biggest business to business (B2B) trade shows for small business owners and start-ups. Sometimes they publish online webinars to equip enthusiasts or business students like you with the latest strategies from the comfort of their desks. With on-demand courses and upcoming free live webinars to register for, there are plenty of resources for you to improve your skillset with. So why not learn a few new tricks of the trade to impress your professors with when you’re back on campus?


live webinars

Business knowledge at your fingertips. Source: Amna Yaseen/ AFP

Bizlaunch hosts many free live webinars for aspiring entrepreneurs. It has a small but niche selection of webinars that teach you the power of public relations, low-cost marketing and how important geotargeting is for businesses.

Past webinars have taught viewers how to generate sales leads, how to motivate employees and how to write an actionable business plan. So if you’re aiming to start your own business after your university degree, head on over to Bizlaunch to see how you can launch it.

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