Live like a baller: 3 swanky student apartments in Ireland
Keeping up with the rich kids in Dublin. Pic: Shutterstock.

Gone are the days of students living in spartan conditions. Instead, today’s new breed of student residences worldwide bears a closer resemblance to Kardashian-level luxury.

And Ireland is not exempt from this global trend.

Dublin’s development boom in private, purpose-built student housing has resulted in options with penthouses and roof terraces for opulent students with deep wallets, reports.

Here are 3 examples of how the new swanky student cribs in Dublin look like:

1. The Binary Hub, Bonham Street

For rent starting at €900 a month, students get their own private double en suite with a shower and a study area. Students can stay fit at its modern gym or boxercise classes in the courtyard. And don’t worry about your FOMO. Stylish common rooms are aplenty, as well as barbeque sessions on the rooftop terrace complete with live band performances, so you’ll never have to miss out on the fun. If all else fails, there’s even a resident dog on standby to make you feel better.

2. New Mill, Mill Street, The Liberties

Situated right in the middle of Dublin’s historical Liberties area, New Mill is home to room and studios to fit the wishes of any student willing to pay upwards of €245 per week. The penthouse en suite goes for €299 per week, where you can get panoramic views of the Dublin skyline and access to your own private roof terrace.

Once you’re bored of that, there are music rooms (complete with a mix desk) and landscaped outdoor areas for some study time in the open. There’s no need to worry about forgetting your laundry here as well – the on-site laundry allows you to check when the machine is done from the comfort of your room.

3. Broadstone Hall, Phisboro Road

A standard twin starts at €180 per week, while the penthouse premium rooms with access to a private roof terrace go for €260 per week. Broadstone Hall is just 30 minutes away by foot from Trinity College, the National College of Art and Design, Dublin Institute of Technology, and the Royal College of Surgeons.

The Cinema Room comes with a projector and squash seating, while Games Room spoils you further with a pool table and an Xbox booth. With all these available, we just hope students won’t forget about their homework and classes.

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