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Bursting with potential and tech-savvy students, business schools around the world are rife with prime entrepreneurship and leadership courses. Thanks to new digital technologies, the scope of innovation has widened and there’s a global gap waiting to be filled with qualified business leaders, entrepreneurs and cutting-edge cultivators.

As the great American businessman, Sam Walton, once said, “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” That’s why business education is a fundamental contributor to the flow of your future company. If you go to a school that encourages you to unleash your full potential, you’re much more likely to feel confident in yourself as a leader while your future employees grow with confidence in you.

If you want your visions and inventive ideas to survive in this world, knowledge is key. You may be reading this and wondering if it’s possible to make your creations work without the expertise offered by leading business schools, but it’s wise to know that your creations can go further with the help of a dynamic and strategic business syllabus.

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According to The Balance, you need to learn about business viability to maintain a successful company. As the article explains, “Creating viability is a two-part process. First, it means creating a marketing strategy by knowing who you are, who you are selling to. Second, it means having your business financial house in order.”

To truly understand the viability of a business and to ensure it stays afloat, business schools will incorporate industry-based skills into the curriculum so you’re ready to take control and thrive in the working world. By teaching you the tricks of the trade, you’ll soon find out how to implement unique selling propositions and how to sustain a stable customer base. Since these schools will guide, mentor and prepare you for the business sector, your entrepreneurial skills are set to excel!

Here are the business schools that stand at the forefront of leadership and innovation…


The University of Leeds is an entrepreneurial institution, so it’s only right that it boasts a leading business school to match. Labelled one of the Top 10 universities in the UK by The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018, Leeds University Business School storms ahead of competition.

Accredited by three powerful associations and connected to world-class rankings, the university and its business school embodies the true meaning of entrepreneurial spirit by consistently striving for success. For aspiring undergraduates, there are plenty of courses available to get your creative juices flowing; while for postgraduate learners, there’s a prime selection of Masters degrees to inspire innovation including the one-year MSc Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and the MSc Global Strategy and Innovation Management.

All undergraduate courses give you the opportunity to apply for a Year in Industry to gain valuable work experience during your studies, or an exciting Year in Enterprise if you’re interested in starting your own business. You can also apply to receive career mentoring via the School’s Nurturing Talent Mentor Scheme, giving you the confidence and skills to kickstart your career!


Recently achieving AACSB accreditation, Southampton Business School is internationally-known for its quality-led research and education. The School provides a premier selection of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, preparing future leaders to succeed in a complex modern world. Belonging to a prestigious institution that’s in the Top 1 percent of universities worldwide, the School welcomes students from all over the globe to join in entrepreneurial efforts.

If you’re a self-starter who’s ready to burst onto the business scene, you may be interested in the BSc Business Entrepreneurship course and the MSc Entrepreneurship and Management postgraduate programme. These multidimensional degrees prepare you for the world of business planning and technological innovation. Powered by their guidance, you’ll be able to accomplish extraordinary goals.

Alongside your studies, you can get involved with enterprising student societies such as the Entrepreneurs ClubFish on Toast and Enactus. The careers and employability team provide support with obtaining work experience and internships, and there is also a dedicated placements team to help boost your future employability. Or, ignite your start-up success with the incredible Future Worlds incubator space!


The tight-knit international community at MDH is a thriving hub of minds, young and old. Through close work with the local and global communities plus a challenging and rewarding curriculum, students leave MDH with an in-depth understanding of the complex issues facing the business world, including issues of ethics, responsibility and sustainability (ERS).

Graduates of MDH are in high demand. According to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, within one year of gaining their degree, 81 percent of MDH graduates are working in jobs in their field of expertise.

Instead of traditional lecture-based sessions, MDH professors foster an environment with smaller seminar-based classes that allow students to participate, contribute and engage during lectures. Both teachers and their learners are known on a first name basis, thereby helping them build lasting and meaningful relationships. Through independent and demanding learning methods, students take responsibility for their own progress and development, using their initiative and in turn, reaping the rewards.

Mälardalen University has been granted the EPAS (EFMD Programme Accreditation System) accreditation for the Bachelor’s programme in International Business Management and the Master’s in International Marketing. This sought-after accolade is an indication that MDH programmes maintain quality and stand up very well from a global perspective.


If you want to switch up the scenery and aim for US business school, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College could be your best bet. This school is all about challenging yourself to be a self-starter and to face the common obstacles of business.

To motivate his learners, Dean Matthew J. Slaughter states that “during your time in our distinctly immersive learning community, you will tackle new ideas, engage with the diversity and dynamism of the world, and develop the knowledge and wisdom to better lives and the broader world of business.”

By encouraging you to dive straight into the world of business, the distinguished school offers executive education courses to help you think differently and broaden your leadership skills.  With open programmes such as the Leadership and Strategic Impact (LSI) scheme and the Tuck Executive Education course, you’ll soon transform into a 21st-century entrepreneur.


Start your entrepreneurial adventure at Strathclyde Business School. Acting as a hub of innovation, this university makes its home in one of Scotland’s most cosmopolitan cities. Full of diverse opportunities and industry placements, Glasgow grants you the chance to discover business openings beyond the lecture hall.

To nurture and shape your entrepreneurial spirit, the undergraduate BA Business courses or BA International Business schemes would be an ideal choice. Plus, to trigger career progression, there are multiple postgraduate routes students can try. For instance, there’s an innovative MSc Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership course and a creative MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology programme.

Since the Strathclyde Business School has a Centre for Corporate Connections, you’ll also have the niche opportunity to get yourself noticed by small and large businesses throughout your studies here. Whatever your business ambitions, staff are here to help connect you with beneficial contacts and companies.

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