Deciding on a child’s education is one of the hardest jobs for parents all over the world. Sometimes, these choices can be made even tougher by the large quantity of new offers emerging; but some traditional options never fail to please parents looking for high class comprehensive education.

International boarding schools follow a tradition of excellence and have evolved over the past decades to offer a modern education in outstanding environments, often with flexible boarding options. Boarding schools prepare children for successful academic futures, often chosen by parents who may travel a lot and need to find a trustworthy second home for their child.

One of the biggest rewards from educating a child at boarding school is the guarantee that they will receive a quality academic education from top quality teachers who often live on campus and are readily available to help outside of their class duties.

Dedicated study time brings support to students who need it, and small class sizes encourage participation and enable teachers to spend time with individual pupils. Faculty members are selected among the best in the world, successful in their careers and highly qualified. For many parents considering international boarding education, English language classes are high on the agenda. Mastering the language and speaking it from a very early age will always be an added benefit of studying in a boarding school.

Most children will successfully pursue their studies at college and university, having gained excellent academic skills and proven their commitment to learning.

The benefits of attending boarding school extend well beyond the academic advantages:

Excellent resources and facilities
Investment in staff, and also in resources and facilities, distinguishes boarding schools from their day-school equivalents. Campuses are usually set on exceptional grounds in the countryside, and equipped with modern sport equipment for students to access during their free time. Boarding schools also run artistic programs, such as dance, theatre, fine arts, to develop interests and skills, and partake in group activities.

Supportive pastoral care
Although students are away from their families, boarding schools provide excellent support and pastoral care to ensure their good development from the youngest age. Teachers are often mentors, available to advise and help students with personal matters and everyday life. Nurses, counsellors and medical doctors are always on hand. Living away from home also grants personal responsibility and develops mature individuals. Away from a sheltered home life, students make their own choices and learn to organise themselves.

Grow in a diverse environment
International boarding schools are attended by students from all over the world, creating a truly cosmopolitan and diverse environment. Children gain strong friendships and a network of support among their fellow boarders. Attending boarding school develops open-mindedness and curiosity, which will often impact their aspirations and goals later in life.