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One university that excels in offering a well-rounded liberal arts education and countless opportunities is Lawrence University. Located in Wisconsin, this is a diverse campus community of scholars and artists who come from nearly every state and 50 countries. Here, students are exposed to a wide range of opinions, activities and inspiration — preparing them for lives of achievement, responsible and meaningful citizenship, lifelong learning, and personal fulfilment.

Established in 1847, Lawrence University is one of the first co-educational colleges in the US. With decades of history and having recently celebrated its 175th anniversary, the university prides itself in delivering an excellent undergraduate education of the liberal arts and sciences with a Conservatory of Music.

Lawrence University

Swedish for “Birch Grove at the Lake” or “Birch Forest by the Water,” Björklunden vid Sjön is Lawrence University’s 441-acre North Campus. Source: Lawrence University

Its home base? Appleton. It is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the Midwest, with a population of more than 75,000 and nestled within the larger Fox Cities community of nearly 250,000. Downtown is vibrant and adjacent to campus. There are shops, restaurants, museums, a performing arts centre, public arts spaces, a public library, and more. Here, and beyond, there are various cultural and recreational activities to interact and participate in the local Fox Cities community.

From catching a theatre show at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center (PAC) or cheering on the baseball team at the Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium to reconnecting with nature through the scenic trails along the Fox River and 28 public parks, the town caters to everyone of every interest.

Apart from the main campus in Appleton, Lawrence University has a second campus  Björklunden vid Sjön – Swedish for “Birch Grove at the Lake” or “Birch Forest by the Water.”  The 441-acre North Campus is nestled amidst meadows and woods in Door County, Wisconsin with a magnificent view of the pristine Lake Michigan shoreline. Facilities such as the two-storey lodge and a handcrafted wooden chapel are open to both the Lawrence community and the public. On weekends, the campus hosts seminars for students, faculty and the public.

Live your best life at Lawrence

It’s easy to find your people and find your niche at Lawrence University. There are various student-run organisations and intramural sports teams. Some of these clubs include sea shanties, sign language, dance and symphonic orchestras. Enjoy writing? Try your hand at the student newspaper, The Lawrentian. Writing not your thing but passionate about driving change on campus? Join the Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) which makes decisions on community concerns and issues with input from staff and faculty.

For those who love exploring the world, study abroad opportunities, to the likes of England and Senegal, grant you the best of both worlds – earning credit while travelling.

Throughout the year, time-honoured traditions bring the campus to life. Events such as 17 days of kindness and LUaroo fill the campus with intentional and random acts of kindness and two glorious days of music over the Memorial Day weekend, respectively.

Lawrence University encourages students to explore interests that enable them to unlock their potential. Other than the four main degree options – Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Music Dual Degree and Bachelor of Musical Arts, there are over 60 majors and minors that encompass programmes in business, humanities, creative arts and technology, natural sciences and mathematics, nursing, as well as social and behavioural sciences.

The newly launched Business and Entrepreneurship major offers an interdisciplinary academic path that introduces students to foundational business skills through core modules with four main focus areas – entrepreneurship, arts entrepreneurship, business analytics and natural resources and energy management.

Lawrence University

Source: Lawrence University

The Conservatory of Music combines both an excellent musical education with a liberal arts one in a supportive and creative environment. Aspiring musicians will develop to be adaptable, innovative and confident individuals that are empowered to take on their own unique paths.

What sets Lawrence University apart is its unique First-Year Studies programme that’s ranked #54 Best First-Year Experience by US News and World Report 2022/2023.

The programme consists of a two-term introduction to the liberal arts and sciences where students are taught in small groups of 15 to maximise learning outcomes. It’s the ideal foundation to start upholding the university’s honour code. Every student is expected to practise honesty which in turn promotes a trusting and open environment.

At every step of their journey here, international students will be supported and welcomed. The Office of International Student Services (ISS) promotes awareness, perspectives and understanding of international cultures that cultivate global citizenship for every individual. Apart from that, the ISS offers advice to F1 visa students on visa arrangements and maintaining their immigration status.

If you see a future for yourself in the liberal arts, consider applying to Lawrence University.

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