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Lancaster University Management School: The best opportunities for your future career

Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) offers students the best opportunities when they begin their careers. That’s what happens when you have an award-winning Careers service team.

The university is the overall winner of the Abintegro Employability Index Award 2021, the second time it has won the award, based on the “Abintegro Employability Index” – an online platform that analyses the use of interactive careers and employability learning activities from thousands of students across more than 100 qualifying institutions.

LUMS students get a great start to their careers thanks to people like Accountancy Careers Coach Tanya Parry. Her role encompasses in-curriculum teaching, employer engagement, one-to-one student support, events work, and more.

“We offer specialist support to all our students,” she says. “We are coaches in every sense of that word, we don’t tell people what to do, or make assumptions of what they should do, we support students to realise their potential through effective questioning, listening intently, and through intelligent signposting.

“We also care deeply about student destinations, because we want them to do well of course, and we tap into their knowledge and resources later down the line to keep our students connected to us always.

“Graduate outcomes are always at the forefront of my mind as a positive challenge for me. Everything we do is student centric, and the rest “should” look after itself!”

Noeleen Hammond Jones is just as enthusiastic about helping LUMS graduates from around the world land great jobs. As International Careers Manager, she develops business opportunities with organisations globally on behalf of Lancaster University to create long-term mutually beneficial relationships. “This has resulted in projects such as internship programme development, leadership development, research collaborations and contributions to international employability, and recruitment strategies,” she says.

Lancaster University Management School

LUMS students are set for career success thanks to their award-winning Careers service team. Source: Lancaster University Management School

Noeleen works across the university on international student employability projects to offer a holistic approach to the entire student lifecycle. “This has allowed me to develop support for students and create a robust offering for their future career,” she says. “As a qualified Career Professional, I deliver workshops, guidance and employability support for our international LUMS students, and help home students develop overseas job search strategies.”

The experience and expertise of the LUMS Careers team can also be seen through  telephone and video appointments, online workshops on writing CV and preparing for interviews, and online events where students can meet employers and learn about their recruitment processes.

“This academic year we have a full calendar of global events, such as panel events with keynote speakers from India, South East Asia, Hong Kong, China and Europe,” says Noeleen. “We have a number of bespoke international workshops covering job search strategy, applications, understanding your value, business etiquette, global alumni networking events, an in-person international conference, access to bespoke resources, such as Student Circus, Abintegro, Career Edge Plus, LockIn China, and much more.”

What makes the LUMS Careers Service team so effective is that it is spearheaded by veterans and leaders in their respective fields, such as Paul McCormick, who boasts a 25-year career in Investment Banking, Asset Management and FinTech. Today, he translates that experience into helping students secure jobs across 12 different financial sectors.

“As soon as a student has confirmed their place at LUMS and paid their deposit they can start working with me and the [Careers Service] team. This means they can benefit from our expertise before they actually arrive at Lancaster,” he says. “As a team, we show students all sorts of financial career options that they simply don’t yet know about. We also show them how to go about securing such roles through mock Assessment Centres, virtual or physical visits to financial employers like investment banks, as well as showcase unique opportunities from our ever-growing financial alumni.”

Lancaster University Management School

Every postgraduate programme at LUMS features modules that discuss the digital aspects of business, a major reason why LUMS graduates find success in such a competitive job market. Source: Lancaster University Management School

Every postgraduate programme at LUMS features modules that discuss the digital aspects of business, a major reason why LUMS graduates find success in such a competitive job market. Source: Lancaster University Management School

Another reason why LUMS graduates are sought after is because employers appreciate future-ready employees. The MSc Digital Business, Innovation and Management, for example, develops an understanding of how to harness technology, manage its effects, open up new business as well as streamline core organisational processes.

These qualities not only introduce LUMS students to the ever-changing digital landscape, they also give them an edge when competing against other graduates. When enrolling for this programme, students get a chance to learn modules that rely on the use of SAP and IBM enterprise systems practices and tools — both of which are valuable in most workplaces.

Whatever stage you are at with your job and career plans, LUMS programmes and the careers team will lead you to success.

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