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Lamar University takes Industrial Engineering to the next level

A quality, affordable education in the US – that was what Teja Sundeep Padala sought.

And at Lamar University, he found this. “Lamar University is the best destination for international students who want to achieve their dream goal in the US,” the Industrial Engineering student says.

He’s grateful for the support he received here and was impressed with the infrastructure.

Lamar University

Students graduate equipped with software skills. Source: Lamar University

“Lamar University supports incoming and existing students in all ways. It offers the perfect course curriculum to meet job market standards and professors and staff are top notch in knowledge,” he says.

The university, which is currently home to over 17,000 students, sits proudly on 292 acres in Beaumont. It is also one of the fastest-growing universities in Texas and is a member of The Texas State University System.

Campus is home to over 100 programmes leading to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees – and one subject area that has gained recognition is Industrial Engineering.

Lamar University is ranked #3 nationally in 2023 and #1 in the state of Texas for return on investment by – and that commitment to nurturing job-ready graduates is clear in its Industrial Engineering and Systems Department. In 2020, it revived its curriculum and added an enhanced focus on software skills based on critical feedback from alumni members, employers and current students.

Recognising that it is a vital skill needed to stand out in the market, Lamar University made this key for all its courses, and also added a Python programming and updated data course. The software taught at the graduate level includes Python, JavaScript, SQL, PLC Programming, R, JavaScript, SAP, and Autodesk Fusion 360.

Masters’ graduate Vaibhav Chauhan says, “I used Python in my data mining thesis class.  My Heuristic and Database courses at Lamar helped me develop a programmer’s mindset,” says graduate Vaibhav Chauhan.

“Software is the primary tool for implementing Industrial Engineering concepts,” Industrial Engineering Chair Dr. James Curry says. “For example, SQL queries are often the first step to getting data for statistical analysis and data science. Knowing statistics without SQL places limits on your effectiveness.”

The Industrial Engineering and Systems Department offers Master of Engineering (Non-Thesis), Master of Engineering Science (Thesis), Doctor of Engineering, Master of Engineering Management and Master of Science in Port and Terminal Management.

Leading these programmes are active research practitioners in Manufacturing, Automation, Operations Research, Reliability, Data Mining, Supply Chain Management, Six Sigma, Lean, Project Management, Safety, Human Factors, Ergonomics, and Logistics. Their recent research projects range from predictive maintenance on compressors and nanocomposites to economic analysis of port improvement and safety culture assessment. In Fall 2022, eight of nine faculty members received new research funding. Such prolific faculty members are the people Industrial Engineering students here can build meaningful relationships with – for the lowest average tuition and fees of any university system in Texas.

Lamar University

At Lamar University, students have access to all facilities offered. Source: Lamar University

Here, all programmes are affordable. Most graduate students receive an out-of-state tuition waiver plus a US$1,000 annual competitive graduate scholarship. Students only need to pay for the in-state tuition, which is significantly lower than those charged to out-of-state students.

Another great feature of Lamar University is that it encourages students to be curious, innovative and explorative. A wide range of labs and on-campus resources makes this possible. This includes the Emerson Advanced Technology Centre with advanced Delta-V control systems, human factors and ergonomics labs with a driving simulator and a range of equipment (EEG, Eye Tracking, for example), manufacturing labs with a broad range of traditional and additive manufacturing equipment, a maker space, a robotics lab, a nanotechnology lab, and  computer resources.

In these spaces and beyond, the vibe at Lamar University is vibrant. Campus life integrates both urban living with the safe, secure feeling of a small town, and there’s plenty to do when there are no classes. While students are not getting inspired by professors who are experts in their fields of study, they can take part in any of the more than 100 student organisations here.

“All programs and activities are intended to help enrich the experiences of international students and scholars on campus and to help expand global engagement for students, faculty, and staff at Lamar University,” says Mustapha Jourdini, Director of International Student Programmes and Services.

“The Office of International Education and Services is the institution’s primary place for non-immigrant federal regulations pertaining to F and J visas. We proudly serve our diverse international students in a variety of ways, including with cultural adjustment, visa status maintenance, employment on or off campus, personal counselling, immigration workshops, advocacy with Lamar University stakeholders, and through engaging social, educational and cultural co-curricular programs and events.”

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