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Kelley School of Business: New MS degrees in Business Analytics and Finance for students across the globe

Back in 1999, Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business was among the top 20 American business schools to first launch an online graduate programme. Fast forward to 2023, the US News & World Report ranked it first for its online Master of Science (MS) programmes. In 2024, the school is innovating yet again with the new flexible Online MS degrees in Business Analytics and Finance – housed within the Kelley Executive Education Programmes (KEEP) Office.

Set to launch this fall, these programmes are 100% online and have been designed to meet the needs of professionals and students eager to learn wherever they find themselves in the world. As they are highly flexible, these programmes let students work through weekly modules and assignments on the day of the week they choose. Faculty-taught lessons are recorded so students can watch them as and when their career and life commitments permit.

There will be optional live sessions too for students who prefer more immediate access to their faculty. This could be an opportunity to further engage with instructors, get feedback, ask additional questions, and understand how the different topics connect. These are delivered by the same faculty who created the course, so students will have a chance to interact and learn directly from the Kelley School of Business experts.

Kelley School of Business

Kelley School of Business provides optional live sessions for students who prefer a one-on-one learning experience. Source: Kelley School of Business

“The faculty who created the content is also responsible for delivering it,” says Alex Lopes, Associate Chair for Kelley Executive Education Programmes. “There is no lower-level instructor who is hired to deliver these courses online. As such, any interactions and additional explorations will be led by the expert in the area.”

Another highlight of KEEP is that this would be Kelley School of Business’s first stackable degree. This approach would help make education accessible to more students by allowing them to complete a graduate certificate first before committing to an MS degree. If a student is unsure with the online education method, this could ease their way into it and learn from professors in a school that has led online education for decades.

“For some people, that might be their first experience in online education, and they do not want to commit to a full MS degree. For others, they might desire to simply concentrate on a more compact set of topics that would bring immediate benefits to their careers,” Lopes added. Either way, KEEP ensures that you further your education at your own pace and according to your flexibility.

Flexible, career-advancing MS programmes

One of KEEP’s programmes is an Online MS in Business Analytics. It builds a strong foundation of skills across business analytics concepts. There will be 10 online courses that students are required to take totalling up to 30 credit hours. These courses include Quantitative Analysis, Predictive Analytics/Data Mining, Data Intelligence and Visualisation, Simulation and Optimisation for Business Analytics, Developing Value Through Business Analytics Applications, Business Econometrics, Data Predictive Analysis and Business Strategy, Thinking Strategically: Game Theory and Business Strategy, Strategic Marketing Management, and Operations Management.

Similarly, its Online MS in Finance will also have 10 online courses that prepare students to advance their careers. Complete 30 credit-hours and you will gain the financial expertise needed to become a CFO. The courses include Quantitative Methods and Introduction to Analytics, Managing Accounting Information for Decision-Making, Economics for Managers, Financial Management, Asset Pricing and Security Valuation, Valuation and Capital Investments, Working Capital Management, International Financial Management, Financial Strategy and Corporate Restructuring, and Special Topics in Finance.

Kelley School of Business

KEEP degrees are stackable, making education accessible to more students. Source: Kelley School of Business

Both programmes will be run by a school with a long tradition of online education. Current and past students would agree that the school can create connections in its learning environments both online and offline.

“We ensure quality through regular student evaluation of faculty and their sessions, standardised goals for faculty-student contact hours, and continual communication between faculty and staff to ensure students receive the content and attention they need,” says Dr. Carolyn Goerner, KEEP Faculty Chair.

These Online MS are all about accelerating the career of anyone looking to move up in their organisations and to grow in either Business Analytics or in Finance. If you are that person, no matter where you are currently, get your business education first-hand from one of the top US business schools today.

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