Join UWTSD at the NAFSA 2018 Annual Conference & Expo

NAFSA 2018 Annual Conference & Expo

This year, UWTSD in South West Wales is once again exhibiting at the NAFSA 2018 Annual Conference & Expo in Philadelphia, PA. After the success of last year’s reception at the British Consulate General’s residence in Los Angeles, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) is looking forward once again to the Annual NAFSA conference.

By joining fellow international educators and experts from around the world, UWTSD is providing attendees with a valuable insight into their professional development programmes. Since the university has participated in the NAFSA events for over 15 years, the institution has built a credible network of North American partners.

For the upcoming expo (May 27-Jun 1), the theme will be Diverse Voices and Shared Commitment. As NAFSA Chair, Julie Sinclair explains, “This year’s theme is important for many reasons. Recently, I was thinking about my 20+ years in the field of international education and how the field has grown and changed in incredible ways. It’s vital that we hear ALL the different voices in the field and the diverse perspectives.”

As an academic institution that highly values diversity and inclusion, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David embraces this theme with open arms. Since the start of their Study Abroad Programmes in 1976, the university has welcomed students from colleges and universities across the globe, including the USA and Canada. That’s why, over the years, they have successfully adapted to the ever-changing field of international education.

Known as the and 7th in the UK for Academic Experience, UWTSD wants to share its academic expertise by connecting global learners to their incredible study abroad and exchange programmes.

Experience of a lifetime

“Studying in Wales was a special and magical experience that I wouldn’t have given up for anything,” says Marie Vernon, UWTSD study abroad student from the USA. “I was so lucky to meet many different people, and right from the first moment, I felt that I belonged to the community. My experience in Wales helped me to grow, and even after I leave, it will remain part of me forever.”

UWTSD wants students to make the most out of their international study experience, going the extra mile to ensure learners enjoy their time spent overseas. The Cultural Programme for International and European Students, for example, hosts regular excursions to various locations – including the Pembrokeshire Coast, Cardiff, the historical Big Pit and London (UK).

Studying at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David truly is an experience of a lifetime. From the moment students touch down and receive UWTSD’s airport pickup service, to the moment they graduate and say goodbye to their Welsh home away from home, it’s an unforgettable study adventure for all.

Promoting an inclusive learning environment is fundamental to UWTSD’s global vision. As such, the institution exhibits at globally-renowned events such as NAFSA 2018 so that the voices of their faculty, alumni and students can speak up and be heard.

Unite with UWTSD’s international programmes

At the NAFSA 2018 Annual Conference & Expo, UWTSD will introduce attendees to the different ways overseas faculties and staff can unite with the university.

With a core commitment to creating global citizens and promoting internationalisation, the institution has partnered up with prime academic institutions in the US, Canada and various other countries. For example, to pursue the subject of performing arts, UWTSD students can head over to Universities in California State University, Fullerton or Long Beach and The University of North Carolina, Greensboro (US). Or, to boost their business skills, students may opt for a study abroad experience to the city of Kamloops at Thompson Rivers University in Canada (and vice versa).

International students studying at UWTSD over the summer can enrol in an exciting Summer School scheme. Lasting three to four weeks at a time, learners may wish to take part in the many creative arts and outdoor education activities that are on offer.

Alternatively, there’s the traditional inbound Study Abroad program. The university has longstanding links with North America, and a vast number of students have already taken advantage of the unique opportunity to exchange to the US and Canada. By catering for both undergraduate and postgraduate learners, there’s an extensive selection of courses for international students to choose from.

Connect to UWTSD at the NAFSA 2018 Conference

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David welcomes you to join them this year at the NAFSA 2018 Conference & Expo. Located in the historical city of Philadelphia, the event brings together more than 3,500 institutions from over 100 countries – a prime place to network!

By sharing a strong commitment to the core values of international education, UWTSD will showcase their talents alongside professionals from a diverse range of geographic perspectives. It also gives university representatives the chance to meet new North American partners and expand their thriving community of influential collaborators.

So, if you’re also visiting the NAFSA 2018 Conference & Expo this year, be sure to say hello to UWTSD’s friendly attendees. Located at Booth 103, it’s the perfect time and place to find out why so many students are choosing to study abroad in the wonderful country of Wales.

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