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“I believe health is life and with this knowledge I hope to help improve the health of many immigrants and refugees like myself.” – Josephine Zimama, Bachelor of Science (Health Sciences), Curtin University

Around the world, health professionals play a major role in bolstering access to high-quality healthcare provisions. Doctors, nurses and specialised health workers are not just responsible for the control and prevention of diseases, but also for maintaining the general happiness and wellbeing of civilians on all four corners of the globe.

At Curtin University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, graduates constantly strive to uncover the most effective solutions to the most pressing national and international health issues. As an Australian institution that ranks within the top two percent of universities worldwide, Curtin students have earned a resounding reputation for commitment and prestige, joining an extensive network of powerful working professionals on all four corners of the globe.

Curtin’s Health Science Faculty offers internationally-recognised, discipline-based degrees in a wide range of related fields. Delivered in a uniquely student-focused learning environment by the sector’s leading experts, Curtin’s specialised programs serve as the ideal preparation for a career in the clinical, population health and life sciences field.

Let’s take a look at some of the rewarding professional pathways you could take upon completion of a health science degree from Curtin…

But if that’s not enough to prove that the Faculty of Health Sciences at Curtin will get you lead you to career success, why not hear it from a former student; one who has literally been there and done just that!

Since graduating from her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion degree at Curtin, Becky White has gone on to thrive in the lucrative professional sector. After going on to earn her Graduate Certificate in International Health, Becky worked in a number of senior professional positions, serving as Director at Reach Health Promotion Innovations, as well as Senior Project Officer for the Western Australian Department of Health. Much of her success is drawn from the knowledge, expertise and experience she gained in her time at Curtin, and as she works towards her PhD in the field of Public Health, her legacy continues to flourish and shows no sign of slowing down.

“I’ve worked in health promotion for a number of years and have become increasingly interested in how mobile technology can be used for health behaviour change,” she explains. “Curtin has an excellent School of Public Health, with incredible researchers,” the graduate concludes, “so [deciding to study] there was an easy choice.”

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