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Jerudong International School: Offering children a memorable camp experience

Established in 1997, Jerudong International School (JIS) is a leading global institution, offering students a broad liberal education that combines the very best traditions of the independent school.

Welcoming children age two to age 18, JIS is an excellent boarding and day school for parents seeking an institution that promotes cultural understanding, but that also provides a supportive study environment. Whether their passions lie in learning, sports or the arts, students are nurtured to achieve their very best, while being guided by an experienced teaching team.

“At JIS, we are working hard to pursue an excellent course of holistic education that creates the next generation of self-confident, well rounded, high achieving individuals who can flourish as global citizens,” says Barnaby Sandow, Principal of Jerudong International School.

Students are also encouraged to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities to broaden their horizons and inspire interests, all while building up invaluable self-esteem. Here, the Faculty also recognise the importance of a well-designed environment to enhance the overall learning experience, so students are granted access to facilities of the highest calibre, while learning beside like-minded students in a stirring study setting. Surrounded by primary rainforest, the JIS site stretches over 300-acres, and serves as the ideal stomping ground for the keen student explorer.


Besides providing a comprehensive education in a beautiful location, the School offers a unique Summer Camp programme,  granting students an enriching learning experience and an adventure they certainly won’t forget

This is a great way for your child to spend the holidays rather than staying home. Designed to both nurture and inspire, the Summer Camp programme gives children the freedom to build confidence, leadership and sportsmanship qualities, on top of communication expertise through fun and engaging activities.

Here at Camp, students are kept busy the whole day through, with a range of high-energy sporting activities like swimming, football, dodgeball, table tennis and table football. At the same time, students can take part in engaging English lessons, and, or, arts and crafts, and baking classes where they can sharpen their expertise and get creative in the process.


Students have access to a wealth of world-class facilities, including three football and rugby pitches, tennis, basketball and netball courts, fully air-conditioned gymnasiums and dance studios, and two impressive swimming pools. Camp staff whole-heartedly encourage hands-on learning, instilling children with essential life skills they will need while growing up. And to ensure students benefit from a well-balanced experience overall, JIS organises excursions to nearby attractions like the beach, theme parks, the jungle and the Hua Ho Agricultural Farm, where learning extends far beyond the traditional classroom setting. Students also have the chance to visit the Marine Biodiversity Centre, observing some of the world’s most majestic sea creatures, while getting a close and personal look at baby turtles and other sea life!

Understanding that safety is the utmost priority, JIS provides a safe and carefully-monitored space where children can truly be themselves, finding constant inspiration through expert guidance and team-based creative initiatives.

Throughout their time at camp, students fall under the supervision of highly trained childcare professionals. Deriving from a diverse range of backgrounds, teachers, sports and activities staff ensure all camp spaces and activities are as safe and effective as possible.

Qualified first aiders are present on site at all times, while staff are always close-at-hand to tend to every child’s needs. For parents who are concerned about sending their child away for the first time, JIS consciously works hard to put your mind at rest, administering school and location orientation to every student, as well as an ID card with emergency contact numbers when they first arrive.

Held from July 10-29, students from the ages of 10 to 16 are welcomed into camp as boarders, staying for either one, two or three weeks depending on what they would prefer. However, children from 6 years of age may also attend the camp on a daily basis whilst staying with parents. Parents and children should discuss amongst themselves to decide, since the School offers flexible options to purposely suit the needs of every family and child.

Jerudong International School

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The School also encourages parents to send their children to the acclaimed JIS Summer Camp regardless of whether or not they actually plan to attend this first-rate institution. If you’re planning to take a family vacation to Brunei and are looking for interesting activities to keep the children occupied, this camp would definitely be your perfect summer solution. Your child will gain an unforgettable camp experience, all while you enjoy a peaceful time in Asia’s hidden gem – it’s a win-win situation!

With world-class facilities, well qualified teachers and a list of fantastic activities to keep students excited and engaged, the Summer Camp at JIS is the perfect choice for parents keen to help their children thrive over the holidays.

Details: From US$450 per week on a non-residential basis, including all activities (US$850 per week for full residential). For more information, call+673.241.1000 Ext 7197 or visit

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