International student in Canada wins CA$250k from scratch lottery ticket

International student in Canada wins $250,000 on scratch lottery
Little did international student Jobindeep Singh know that his first scratch lottery ticket would change his life. Source: WCLC

International student in Canada Jobindeep Singh is ecstatic after winning 250,000 Canadian dollars from a scratch lottery ticket. 

“Oh, I was happy,” Singh was quoted saying by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. “I’m an international student, so going to school is very expensive for me.”

He had completed his university term and thought it would be an excellent way to celebrate by buying his first Zing (instant scratch) ticket at a Circle K shop in Calgary on Dec. 17, 2021.

“It was Christmas, so I thought I would try the Christmas tickets, and people always buy The Big Spin tickets,” said Singh. 

Little did he know that his first Zing would change his life. 

International student in Canada

An international student in Canada wins big from a lottery ticket. Source: Daniel Slim/AFP

International student in Canada wins big

Priced at CA$5 per ticket, Zing offers players a chance to uncover a “Spin Win” and win a prize through an animated prize wheel at a local Lotto Spot retailer. There, players have a chance to win cash prizes between CA$5 and CA$10,000 or a “Big Spin”. 

“If the player’s Spin Win prize is a ‘Big Spin,’ they win CA$10,000 plus a chance to spin a real wheel at their very own event,” said the Western Canada Lottery Corporation in a press release.

“The winner will leave the spin event with at least another CA$100,000, and possibly up to CA$500,000.”

When Singh scratched his ticket, he uncovered a “Spin Win,” which left him in disbelief. He re-checked his result on the mobile app three times to confirm it. 

Trying his hand at the animated prize wheel at the Lotto Spot retailer, Singh won the “Big Spin” prize, which immediately meant that he won CA$10,000 and would be on his way to winning more. 

On April 29, 2022, Singh stepped up to the Big Spin wheel, gave it a push, and walked away with CA$250,000. 

The odds of winning a Big Spin are extremely low.

According to Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, the odds of winning a “Big Spin” are one in 1,034,075. The odds of winning any prize with a “Big Spin,” however, are one in 4.17, according to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.