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Source: Brighton College (Singapore)

International schools are already at a winning advantage when it comes to preparing students for the global workplace.

One reason for this is due to their diversity. 

“International school teachers and leaders are in the privileged position of welcoming children from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, says Paul Dowlman, an assistant headteacher in an international school in Dubai.

Personalised learning approaches would be the second reason why international schools are ahead of the game when it comes to preparing for the future of work.

“Personalised learning is about really knowing the children you work with on a day-to-day basis,” said Dowlman.. 

“It’s about understanding their backgrounds, and recognising their passions and interests – and using these as kindling to ignite the desire to learn.”

In a large and diverse international school community, it’s important that student voices aren’t lost in the crowd. 

Therefore, some international schools apply a personalised teaching style to keep students engaged and to ensure that their students’ future aspirations are recognised.

international schools

Source: International School Ho Chi Minh CIty

And a third reason as to why international schools are superb at preparing students for the global workforce?

Language learning.

According to the Head of Asia Research at ISC Research, Sam Frazer, a growing number of international schools are offering bilingual learning models where English is one of the languages of learning.

“The biggest growth driver is the one that has fuelled the market for the last 20 years: the provision of learning in the language of English, working to qualifications that are globally recognised and valued by the world’s universities,” Frazer said.

“As a result, providing for many children the most reliable route to higher education and career prospects.”.

Here are four international schools that effectively prepare students for the future:


Brighton College in the UK empowers students by letting them flourish, excel and fulfil their potential from day one.

international schools

Source:Brighton College (Singapore)

The school is known internationally for teaching children real-world values like kindness, inspiring them to be confident and encouraging their curiosity.

That’s why in 2019, the school was recognised for its long-standing commitment to academic excellence — it was named England’s Independent School of the Year by The Sunday Times.

And in 2020, the school’s academic excellence will expand to its new Singapore branch of Brighton College so that more students can benefit from the school’s award-winning brand of education.

Brighton College (Singapore) is open to children from 18 months (Pre-Nursery) to 11 years (Year 6). Academic studies here will be based on the English National Curriculum but with a strong emphasis on Mandarin.

“We have successfully recruited a highly impressive team of Early Years Specialists, General Primary Specialists and Subject Specific Specialists, who together create an outstanding Primary School environment and offer an unrivalled preparation for Senior School,” says Head Master Paul Wilson.

So if you’d like to book a tour, or find out more, click here to see what Brighton College (Singapore) has in store!


Aoba International School in Japan (A-JIS) is committed to leading positive change.

international schools

Source: Aoba International School

To follow this commitment through, they’ve made it their aim to develop future global leaders or students with the mindset to initiate, lead and participate in socially responsible ways.

To support students’ in their journey of acquiring leadership and communication skills, A-JIS provides the interdisciplinary IB Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Senior Years Programme.

All of these IB programmes use an inquiry-based approach that trains students to take charge of their learning and exposes them to a variety of subject areas.

So by giving their students the freedom to explore their learning styles and their favourite subject areas, Aoba International School sets learners up for an array of future industries.

And after learning alongside a global student community that comprises 46 nationalities, Aoba International students are ready to apply their global awareness to any role they choose.


Through childhood and adolescence, growth is crucial in the development of personal, emotional, intellectual and physical attributes. 

international schools

Source: International School Ho Chi Minh CIty

That’s why the International School Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam adopts a progressive approach to education and urges students to participate actively and responsibly in an increasingly changing, interconnected world.

To keep students’ skill sets relevant, the school integrates technology into the student learning experience.

And to complement traditional learning formats, the school combines cutting-edge technology in lessons such as 3D printers, media studios, green screens and film rooms.

But to truly keep their learners focused and working towards their future career goals, ISHCMC holds daily mindfulness lessons to encourage positive emotions among students and teachers.

So by creating the ideal balance of academic achievement and whole child development, the school provides focused and socially responsible workers for the future workforce.


At Dulwich College Beijing (DCB), students acquire the agile and adaptable skills that they need to thrive in their professional futures.

international schools

Source: Dulwich College Beijing

To ensure that they develop these skills in all areas of their learning, DCB has set up special hubs for science, tech, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) subjects. 

Named SE21 hubs: the “S” in SE21 stands for STEAM, the “E” for entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability, and “21” for 21st century skills.

Through these SE21 hubs, students are connected to top-notch design technology, 3D printing, phase one robotics, coding, CAD/CAM, graphic design, film, augmented and virtual reality facilities.

Plus DCB learners that engage with SE21 hubs have the opportunity to tinker with product design and make things with their own hands.

Taking practical lessons further, the College also applies a personalised educational approach to all its lessons so that students can work towards their individual goals within and beyond campus. 

So that when they leave, they’ll know what they want from their careers and will be willing to work for it.

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