International Baccalaureate to get its own show soon
The IB is taught to 1.3 million students worldwide in either English, French or Spanish.

A programme called A Better World Through Education, set to launch on Oct 25, will explore how the International Baccalaureate (IB) impacts students, schools and communities, according to a press release by IB.

English newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky will host the news and current affairs-styled show, jointly produced by the international education foundation and ITN Productions, a British-based news and content provider.

As IB heads into its 50th anniversary, foundation director-general Dr Siva Kumari says she looks forward to the “energy we generate in our classrooms” between students and teachers “come alive on film”.

Referring to IB’s mission of “education for a better world”, Dr Siva says: “We want to share that message with those who have an interest in the future of education and in developing the citizens who will build a better tomorrow.”

Teachers and the independence given to them to teach the IB curriculum will be the focus of the show, which will be launched during the IB Global Conference at The Hague, Netherlands. The programme will feature interviews and reports with sponsored profiles of organisations that work closely with IB and its global membership.

According to ITN’s head of industry news Simon Shelley, the venture with IB is to “examine the programmes of education aimed at producing curious, self-motivated, and confident young people.”

Founded in 1968, the course is taught in IB schools to 1.3 million students in over 140 countries in either English, French or Spanish.

Graduates can use the IB qualification to enter many universities worldwide.

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