Despite hosting a domestic population of just 23 million, Australia is the world’s third-most popular study abroad destination, and being home to some of the best facilities and educators in the world, it has earned a widespread reputation for being an international powerhouse in every sphere of education.

With 35 percent of domestic parents preferring their child to pursue a private Aussie education, it’s clear that what is widely perceived as the world’s most elite form of schooling is executed and perceived no differently Down Under, and all young girls enrolled in Australia’s private system continue to reap the benefits long into later life.

Research conclusions have consistently supported the positive effects of single-sex schooling in Australia in terms of maths and literacy skills, and other tertiary entrance scores. Furthermore, comparative research into the effects of co-ed and single-sex schools has found that young girls thrive in the single-sex environment as they feel no pressure, nor obligation, to adhere to traditional gender roles when selecting fields of study.

Studies have also shown that girls feel empowered and behave more competitively when free from the presence of their young male counterparts. They strive for excellence in what are generally considered more ‘masculine’ fields of study, such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and statistics have shown that girls from girls’ schools are far more likely to pursue STEM fields as they progress to university level.

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The complete disregard of gender stereotypes at single-sex schools means girls can pursue their dream career free from the clichéd assumptions of society, resulting in young, successful school graduates instilled with confidence and assertion, ready to tackle any challenge they will face in adult life.

“Girls’ schools in Australia…consistently ‘punch well above their weight’ when it comes to academic excellence,” says the Alliance of Girls Schools in Australasia (AGSA), an affiliation that connects students and educators from over 150 member schools across six different countries.

“However, just as importantly, girls in girls’ schools have access to all leadership positions, every position in school sporting teams, every role in school drama productions and musicals, and every instrument in a school’s band and orchestras.  Girls are encouraged to participate, lead, compete and take risks – all of which are advantageous skills for careers and leadership.

“At a single-sex school, girls are free to be who they want to be, both in the classroom and outside.”

But it’s not just the outstanding academics that makes Australia so desirable among parents and students alike; with its endless Outback, year-round sunshine, bountiful beaches and reams of exotic species, it’s hardly surprising that Australia is one of the world’s most loved study destinations.

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For any parent considering a private education for their daughter overseas, Australia, a respected specialist in female education, is one of the most enriching, inspiring and above all unforgettable school experiences your child can pursue.

Read on to learn more about some of the most inspiring providers of girls’ education in Australia…

Frensham is an outward-looking, forward-thinking boarding school for girls Year 7 through 12, providing a rigorous and personalised academic programme alongside meaningful, lifelong and highly-valued connections. It is unique in Australia, with more than 70% of the total school enrolment of 340 girls in residence.

Frensham is also one of the largest boarding schools for girls in the world, and House life is central to the School experience for every girl. Core to their approach to teaching and learning is the deeply considered support to each girl’s growth on an individual and personal basis. Progress and achievement are monitored closely, in a data-driven approach to enhancing understanding of individual talents and needs.

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The school’s facilities are world-class, including a modern science and technology centre, superb performing and visual arts facilities and extensive games fields, along with a state-of-the-art gymnasium and indoor swimming pool. The school also has their own Conservatorium of Music, with more than 90% of the girls taking individual music lessons.

Spectacular, expansive grounds create a special learning and living environment that uplifts and inspires.  Playing fields, gardens, cross-country tracks and natural bushland areas accommodate both active and reflective outdoor pursuits.

The school climate is positive, with each girl responsible for their own contribution to its quality. Frensham’s size means it’s imperative for all to contribute to instrumental ensembles, choral and drama groups, debating, equestrian and sporting teams. Frensham girls tend to shoulder this challenge enthusiastically and skilfully.

Some of the reasons why parents choose Frensham include the values and culture of the school, their academic standards, character and leadership development, teaching quality and a personalised approach, among many other excellent qualities.

Melbourne Girls Grammar School (MGGS) is a medium sized school with structures carefully planned to ensure each girl is known and appreciated as their own individual. Within the school, students are catered for as unique young adults with developmentally appropriate programs for ELC, Junior, Middle and Senior Year girls.

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MGGS boasts world-class facilities across two purpose-built and thoughtfully designed campuses. The latest technologies, learning spaces and specialist interest centres across both campuses allow every girl at Melbourne Girls Grammar to fully explore a diverse and contemporary curriculum that offers outstanding opportunities for personal growth and development.

The Merton Hall Campus provides a chapel, gymnasium, library, dining hall, specialist Art, Drama and Science Centres, assembly hall, multipurpose sports fields and a rowing facility located nearby on the banks of the Yarra River. The Boarding House (which caters for approximately 80 students) and the Enrolments Office are also located on the Merton Hall Campus. The much anticipated Artemis Centre, which will host a 25 metre swimming pool amongst other exceptional environments,  is due to be completed in 2017. 

At the heart of MGGS are strong relationships solely focused on the best outcomes for every girl.

Wilderness School is grounded in values of a non-denominational Christian family tradition. The school is founded on the belief in unlimited kindness in relationships, joy in learning, a spirit of humility and the balance between seeking individual excellence and generous service to the community. These values guide every part of Wilderness School’s culture, relationships, teaching and learning programs.

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The school places value on the global perspectives international students bring to its community, and respects the tremendous challenge young girls have embraced by choosing to study in their second language. The city of Adelaide is one of the world’s safest and most liveable cities. Wilderness School is located just 10 minutes from the centre of the city.

Located on the school grounds, the Boarding House provides a friendly, safe residence for both local and international students. It welcomes students from all cultural backgrounds and values the contribution each individual makes to ensure all girls appreciate cultural perspectives to become respectful global citizens.

St Hilda’s has been educating girls for more than a century, growing from a small school established in a private house in Claremont in 1896 to become one of Australia’s pre-eminent independent girls’ schools. Today, St Hilda’s boasts an enrolment of over 1,200 students, including boys in the Early Learning Centre, and 150 boarders.

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Located in Perth’s Mosman Park, the school has two beautiful and distinct campuses: one at Chidley for students in Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and up to Year 6 and the original campus on Bay View Terrace accommodating the Senior School and the Boarding House.

St Hilda’s helps students take their rightful place in life and meet challenges that inevitably lie ahead as they make their unique mark in the world. It also aims to provide them with wonderful memories of school life and friendships to treasure forever. School should, after all, be lots of fun too!

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