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Inspiring Lifelong Learners | Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders and changemakers

“Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.” – Albert Einstein.

Developing a community of lifelong learners is the mission of Tanglin Trust School. Its signature approach to teaching and learning has helped it to do so for the last 97 years.

At Tanglin, the British-based curriculum aims to produce knowledgeable students with in-demand competencies while the School’s commitment to wellbeing helps ensure young learners are ready for their next stage of life — regardless of what the future might hold.

In 2020, the World Economic Forum reported that 65% of children in primary schools today will work in jobs that don’t exist yet. As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, how we live and how we relate to each other are changing.

Tanglin students are prepared for both today and tomorrow, thanks to the school’s emphasis on the 5C’s for success; critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, citizenship skills — and unrivalled exposure to evolving technology.

It’s a powerful combination that helped one Tanglin alumnus, Omar Chaudhuri, get to where he is today. He’s a “red hat to blue gown” student, as he joined the school as an infant and graduated at sixth form 13 years later. Today, he’s the Chief Intelligence Officer at Twenty First Group, a global leader in bespoke B2B sports intelligence.

“My time in Tanglin were some of the best years of my life,” he says. “I met amazing friends and was surrounded by incredible facilities. The diversity of the school is great, you have people from all around the world so you pick up experiences and knowledge that you just wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

TTS Alumni | Omar from Tanglin Trust School on Vimeo.

Chaudhuri was passionate about football at Tanglin and he also spent ample time exploring economics and mathematics. However, nothing came close to writing — which he did at Tanglin as well as for a newspaper in Singapore.

It’s a well-rounded foundation that helped shape him to be the holistic success story he is today. At Twenty First Group, he uses the power of data to support organisations across sports in strategic decision-making and storytelling. Working with the likes of the Premier League, UEFA and Tottenham Hotspur, his projects apply sports intelligence across various areas, from brand activation to competition design, talent ID to organisational strategy.

The fact that he is thriving in an industry that didn’t exist when he was a student illustrates Tanglin’s desire to develop individuals who can flourish long after they leave the school.

Yin Noe is another prime example. “It wasn’t very ‘cool’ at the time when I was at Tanglin, but I still found computer science very exciting and that’s when my passion kick-started,” she says. Faculty members encouraged her goal to create a Computing Club, which enabled Yin and her peers to teach younger students how to create websites and design logos. Such exposure prepared her for what was to come.

Today, Yin is the CEO and founder of Savium, a FinTech company. Last year, she was named by Financial Times as one of the Top 50 Most Inspiring Women in Tech in Europe. “It’s thanks to Tanglin’s career coaches and teachers who have led me to choose my course based on my interests and strengths that ultimately decided my career journey,” she says.

Alumni | Tanglin | Yin from Tanglin Trust School on Vimeo.

To foster this streak of success in a society permeated with technology, Tanglin embraces new technology wherever it supports its mission. The Computing Club founded by Yin continues to run. Core and co-curricular subjects in Information Technology, Coding, Media Technology, and Design Technology are offered. In 2017, the Design and Technology facility opened its doors, giving students access to a workshop where they can manufacture products from a range of materials, a CAD area for modelling ideas in 2D and 3D and a CAM “maker space” with a range of 3D printers, lasers and vinyl cutters and thermoforming equipment. The school sees the facility as a gateway to prep its students for the world ahead, as powerful tools like machine learning and AI become increasingly embedded in everyday life.

In addition to hard skills, Tanglin’s educators find it equally important to inculcate the importance of soft skills. All Tanglin children are taught to be socially responsible, to have integrity, to be ethical, and to proudly contribute to the world in whichever field they choose. Tanglin is the only school outside of the United Kingdom to be awarded Gold for the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Accreditation (RRSA). The RRSA is a moral framework with the aim of embedding children’s human rights into a school’s ethos and culture. This framework reinforces the school’s core values of Respect, Responsibility and Purpose.

For former Head Girl Meghan Togher, this means saving the world, one animal at a time. She’s learning to do so today at the Royal Veterinary College in London.

TTS Alumni | Meghan from Tanglin Trust School on Vimeo.

“When I was in Year 2, there was a guy called Raj that came to Tanglin. To me, he was an icon,” she recalls. “He was an explorer, conservationist and environmentalist who inspired me to become a vet. The encounter gave me the dedication and passion I needed to get the grades and experience to get to where I am today.”

Togher’s teachers gave her the extra “push” she needed to achieve her best and the confidence she needed to explore. “I was given academic support as well as the opportunity to lead when I became Head Girl, to go on fantastic, life-changing trips, and to experience other cultures and personalities from different parts of the world,” she says.

Tanglin’s multinational community helped alumna Charlotte Harris as well, who graduated in 2009. “It gave me the confidence to be completely fine hopping from country to country, which I think is an invaluable skill — inserting yourself into a culture easily,” she says. “The community you get from Tanglin is unparalleled.”

TTS Alumni | Charlotte from Tanglin Trust School on Vimeo.

Harris may have left Tanglin years ago, but she still receives support. She was the first recipient of Tanglin’s Adventurous Expedition Award, which helps support alumni in audacious projects that require teamwork, endurance, resilienence and tenacity.

For Harris, that project was rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. In late January 2022, Harris and her best friend Jessica Oliver rowed 3,000 miles in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. They finished five days ahead of their nearest rivals and broke the world record for the fastest female pair to row across the Atlantic.

Each of these individuals are remarkable in their own right and are proudly part of Tanglin’s community of lifelong learners who contribute with confidence to our world.