Innovate with this new IT degree at WelTec and Whitireia
Source: WelTec and Whitireia

By establishing a brand new Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) degree, The Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) and Whitireia New Zealand entice students into a world of technological innovation.

Utilising the industry expertise of WelTec combined with Whitireia’s strategic partners, this course will not only introduce you to the essential concepts of information technology, but also connect you to the business and community networks found at both of these leading Wellington-based institutions.

Taking technology to the next level

In a recent article by CIO New Zealand, WelTec and Whitireia Academic Director, Dr. Ruth Anderson, explained that: “Industry requires people who can think creatively, adapt to change, collaborate across teams and develop, test, refine and deploy a range of technologies.

“The success of the new Bachelor of Information Technology will rest on the ongoing partnership with industry and the knowledge, expertise, experience and commitment of our tutors. It is the strength of this partnership that has enabled us to develop a programme which we consider will meet learner needs now and into the future.”

Source: WelTec and Whitireia

By taking their technological knowledge to the next level, WelTec and Whitireia are catering to industry demands by providing confident, career-ready graduates with their forward-thinking Bachelor’s Degree.

As fields such as cybersecurity, data science, software development, networking and infrastructure and interaction design become increasingly popular in the digital age, it’s essential for 21st century IT graduates to grasp the importance of each tech-based subject.

That’s why Whitireia and WelTec have carefully constructed a degree framework that suits the needs of undergraduates; one that supplies them with the skills they require to pass through the postgraduate phase of learning or their future job.

Course content that matters

Throughout your educational experience with WelTec and Whitireia’s School of IT in New Zealand, you’ll not only embrace new cultures, you’ll also discover unique theories and develop a deep understanding of upcoming technologies.

By giving you the freedom to choose from five majors, you’ll get to specialise in your chosen area and work on an innovative industry project in your final year.

Source: WelTec and Whitireia

The first major available is Data Science. As a student on this pathway, WelTec and Whitireia tutors teach you how to create and validate business analytical models, showing you how to communicate data analyses through visualisation before building data science solutions.

Another major you can invest in is Interaction Design. By focusing on user interaction and experience, you’ll soon scope out appropriate technologies to solve problems for users and develop effective user interfaces.

For those intrigued by the risks involved with organisational technology, the Cybersecurity major could be the best option for you. Teaching you how to respond to security breaches and use forensic techniques, this course is guaranteed to boost your graduate employability.

If you’d rather invest your time and attention towards computer networks and management systems, the Networking and Infrastructure major is a great path to take. Here, you’ll learn in specialised labs and facilities, where you’ll effectively diagnose problems and develop skills in Cisco, Linux and Microsoft network support.

Source: WelTec and Whitireia

Lastly, there’s the Software Development major. In this subject, you’ll become proficient in a variety of programming languages, learn modelling techniques, design software applications and gain skills in testing and maintenance.

WelTec, Whitireia and the world of work

After pursuing your passions and qualifying with a Bachelor’s degree from WelTec and Whitireia, the next step is to enter the competitive world of work.

After acquiring distinct innovation skills and tech-savvy strategies from partner schools with top industry connections, employers are bound to take a keen interest in you.

Drawing on the expertise of companies such as CoreLogic NZ, Intergen, Nokia, Xero, ANZ Technology and PwC, you’ll become an integral part of an increasingly global business community, while your degree grants you access to a myriad of exclusive opportunities, both in New Zealand and beyond.

Source: WelTec and Whitireia

That’s why, after hearing about the new degree WelTec and Whitireia aim to release in 2019, Simon Marquis, Country Senior Representative for Nokia New Zealand stated that: “This is a great initiative and we look forward to continuing engagement with the New Zealand academic community in the future.”

As company representatives and businesses acknowledge the impressive progress WelTec and Whitireia have made in the IT education sector, many graduates have gone on to secure the job of their dreams.

So, if you want to become a confident cybersecurity specialist, a driven data scientist, an inventive interaction designer, a strategic software developer, an intuitive infrastructure and networking ninja or a master of all tech trades, enquire about the new WelTec and Whitireia Bachelor of Information Technology Degree today.

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