In Tweets: 5 ways students celebrated #Valentine's Day
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Yesterday was February 14th, Valentine’s Day. In some countries, entire malls turned pink in its honour while other countries like Indonesia have banned students from celebrating, saying it encourages casual sex and goes against its culture.

Even within pro-Valentine’s Day countries, there are those who love it and those who do not. Some see it as the most romantic day of the year, but for others, V-Day is another grossly commercialised holiday. But what is undeniable is that love is in the air with many creative ways to celebrate it, from holding a ‘Love Parade’ at Delhi University to remembering a beloved football coach in Reinhardt University.

But how did students celebrate this romantic day? We combed through Twitter to see how students put their spin on V-Day.

Here are the results:

1. For the single ladies, they treated themselves and rightfully so.

2. The lucky ones got to spend time with their precious puppies, but some were too far away to be with their best friends.

3. Some couples in college were too broke to spend lavishly.

4. Though some did not let their lack of dollars prevent them from being really (and unconventionally) sweet to their other half.

5. Best of all, some were giving love and help to those who needed them the most through charity.

With so many ingenious ways to show love, everyday should be Valentine’s Day!

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