How to secure your pathway towards a top UK university
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How to secure your pathway towards a top UK university

These are uncertain times, but there is no need to shelve your study abroad dreams.

Though you may not be able to travel yet, you can start working towards getting into the UK university of your choice.

The online International Foundation Programme (IFP) with Bristol International College (BIC) is a pre-university programme that allows school-leavers to complete a foundation course in under a year.

Spanning eight months, the IFP fast-tracks your entry into a reputable UK university. BIC is committed to delivering the programme beginning this August and since students can study remotely for a significantly lower price, they will be able to obtain their pre-university qualification despite the complications brought about by the pandemic.

IFP graduates receive a University of London International Foundation Certificate as BIC is a University of London Recognised Teaching Centre.

“We’ve identified huge potential across all the major markets and a genuine desire among students to study at the leading universities in the UK and worldwide, and we are here to help them make that a reality,” commented John Milne, CEO and co-founder of BIC.

Why study the International Foundation Programme (IFP) online?

BIC Director of Admissions Melanie Gray is anticipating growing interest in the programme over the coming years.

She said, “I expect the IFP to be a very popular option for those students finishing their secondary education at the age of 16 or 17, who are looking for a one year option which not only bridges the gap between school and university but offers the ideal preparation for the transition to university life.”

When you choose the online IFP, you are making a secure choice for your academic future in the UK.

Why choose Bristol International College (BIC)?

Now that the IFP is going online for the first time, students can follow the programme from anywhere in the world, at their own pace.

The online IFP will be delivered by experienced tutors in a blended model of live and recorded lessons via the tried-and-tested ClassIn Online Classroom learning platform.

As there is no need to travel to or live in the UK, the fees for the online IFP are 70% cheaper than on-site fees.

Students can still join weekly seminars in small groups. Besides group interaction, there will be one-to-one tutorials to assess each student’s progress and needs. In other words, you will receive all the benefits of a small class without having to set foot in a physical classroom.

International Foundation Programme

Source: BIC

What is more, BIC provides one-on-one course support for all students who require extra help, on top of 600 hours of core course tuition. You will also receive UCAS application guidance; tuition for English as an additional language (EAL) and IELTS exam preparation; and industry insight from guest speakers, amounting to a further 200 hours during the study period.

BIC has the full support and backing of the University of London. The high standard and quality of your education here is guaranteed.

Seize your opportunity this September 2020

In a time of widespread uncertainty, the IFP offers a certain start to your academic journey in the UK.

Students who have successfully completed the IFP have gained entry into highly reputed institutions such as King’s College London, CASS Business School, University of Manchester and the London School of Economics and Political Science, to mention just a few.

You can do the same.

The IFP at BIC will take place over eight months, beginning in September 2020 and ending in April 2021. With your International Foundation Certificate, you can start your degree at a UK university in September 2021.

Students will go through a full 4-day induction beginning September 1. This way, you can start the term familiar with the virtual learning environment.

To find out more, have a look at the virtual open day held recently by BIC here. You can attend from anywhere in the world as there will be three sessions to suit different time zones.

Make the right choice for your future with the International Foundation Programme at Bristol International College. Enquire here.

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