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How The Wellington Academy prepares children to thrive in the 21st century

An education at The Wellington Academy (TWA) empowers students to be ambitious, inquisitive and independent individuals who are capable of becoming contributing members of the global community.

The future is full of challenges — which is why TWA strives to help children evolve into compassionate and courageous people ready for the world beyond school.

Just ask 15-year-old Evie. “I loved every minute as I made so many new friends,” she says. “Everyone was nice, both in school and in the boarding house.”

Located in the heart of Wiltshire, this British school is constantly encouraging students to excel in and out of the classroom. It’s a big feat, one that demands rigour and a strong foundation — which TWA students can forge from its Values Curriculum.

It is integrated and taught in parallel to the academic curriculum. Rooted in six core British values, the programme promotes respect, spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development, tolerance of faiths and beliefs, rule of law, individual liberty and democracy.

Source: The Wellington Academy

At TWA, active participation in extracurriculars is just as important as excelling in academic subjects. Source: The Wellington Academy

Armed with these, they’re set to aim high and be ambitious with the limitless learning offered through The Enrichment Programme. Here, every child is encouraged to join at least one extra-curricular activity per week in school. Options are abundant and cater to every interest and passion, be it Combined Cadet Force, sports, performing arts, science, music, creative arts or languages.

It’s a space ripe to hone new skills and make a lifetime of memories. Students carry these all the way to Sixth Form where they start to form a strong sense of self. With the ethos of “limitless aspiration”, TWA sixth formers have all they need to be university-ready by the time they graduate.

To achieve such goals, big and small, children need role models. Whether it’s an elder student, a teacher or a staff member, each can affirm and inspire — small acts that bring big impact. Many students choose to take part in CoachBright, a 12-week programme which equips sixth-formers with the skills to mentor a GCSE student in a core subject. This cumulates in a celebratory graduation ceremony at a university for both mentors and mentees.

TWA’s family-style sixth form classes are also perfect for these. They are small enough for teachers to still be able to offer personal support and guidance as well as a bespoke curricular plan.

“One thing I really loved about Sixth Form at TWA was that they go the extra mile to support students’ academic needs and well-being. Applying for university can be a stressful and anxious time. However, the Sixth Form team attentively guides students through the process,” shares a former Sixth Form student.

University is just one out of many next steps for sixth-formers. Recognising that we live in a global world, TWA’s The Talent Tap gives students the opportunities to access high-quality internships, such as Google, Saatchi and Saatchi, and law firms. The Wellington College International Internships allow students to broaden their personal and professional horizons in India and Bangkok, supported by international trips to New York and Berlin.

Source: The Wellington Academy

Boarders can reach their full potential in a happy, safe and enriching environment. Source: The Wellington Academy

But you don’t need to go far to find inspiration. Boarding at TWA is run by a team skilled and dedicated to helping students fulfil their potential while quenching any personal curiosities — all while in a happy and safe environment. Purpose-built in 2012 for up to 100 students, the boarding house has dorms or twin rooms for juniors and ensuite facilities for seniors. Spaces to socialise and relax are plenty.

Every boarder enters as a stranger and leaves as family. No matter their background, they’re ensconced in a genuine family feel — something the last Ofsted report echoed, as seen in its “Good” rating to TWA.

“When I visited the boarding house, it seemed really homely, and I liked that it was modern. The surroundings look really nice and the environment, it is a little bit in the countryside with fields but also close to many towns, like Andover, Salisbury and Basingstoke,” shares Evie.

Over the last couple of years since she first joined TWA Boarding, Evie faced “homesickness, navigated friendships and at times felt overwhelmed with schoolwork.” With staff members offering support every step of the way, these issues soon disappeared, replaced by stronger bonds and relationships within her boarding family.

“Staff understand, listen, give hugs if required, and make sure you feel like you’re not the only one and that others have felt the same,” shares Evie.

“Boarders are supportive within year groups, but there have also been times when older boarders have helped me out with small social issues or advice to help me decide what to do in the future.”

Year 13 student Hugo feels the same, describing his experience as “fun” as he gets to live with his friends in a multiculturalsupportive and motivating environment.

During the weekends, the boarding house organises weekend trips and excursions to nearby cities. Students can join in on the fun where they participate in a range of activities from paintballing and go-karting to visiting top attractions such as Thorpe Park and Splashdown. These are supported by clubs during the week which are just as diverse, including the very popular cooking, dance, arts, gaming, climbing and even Lego.

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