MBA programme
Source: University of Westminster

The Master of Business Administration, better known as the MBA, has long been the preferred platform for business professionals looking to upgrade their career. 

Here’s the secret to its enduring relevance: as practices and demands evolve, business schools innovate their MBA offerings with academic, industry, and networking upgrades.

According to Dr Margaret Nicholson from the University of Hull, “Doing the MBA [helps students] learn to think in a different way — it opens you up to possibilities you didn’t know existed. And it all comes from that collaboration and exposure to other people’s points of view.”

Today’s MBA has evolved to fit the demands of the higher education environment. For example, certain courses are delivered via multiple online platforms. 

This encourages business students to gain the digital expertise employers now expect. What is more, a digitally-driven business sense is extremely beneficial to entrepreneurs embarking on their own business ventures.

If you’re looking to future-proof your career with an MBA, these business schools in the UK offer what it takes to take you there. 


This MBA is delivered by Westminster Business School in the heart of London.

Designed for aspiring early-career professionals and recent graduates from any discipline, the Westminster MBA will give you the skills, experience and business knowledge demanded by today’s employers.

In an increasingly digital world, the Westminster MBA will set you apart from the competition with its emphasis on cutting-edge digital expertise. You will be introduced to the latest business methods and learn to adapt to emerging business models, growing into a valuable employee for any organisation.

MBA programme

Source: University of Westminster

As part of the Westminster MBA, you will undergo a three-month internship in one of the world’s foremost business capitals.

You will learn how to improve processes with digital solutions as well as lead and manage people effectively, while independently leading change in the business world.

As a multi-skilled and digitally-competent Westminster MBA graduate, you will be ready for an enriching career anywhere in the world.

Explore the programme here.


At the Adam Smith Business School, each cohort is purposefully small yet diverse — this MBA programme attracts students and staff from over 140 countries. 

Peer-to-peer learning is core to this experience. You will learn not only from experienced staff members but also the experience and skill set of fellow students. This culture of sharing nurtures a collaborative work ethic, galvanising teamwork towards shared corporate and professional goals. 

As the programme progresses, you will have various opportunities to gain practical exposure. We know this is key to modern business education. Students also gain business insights beyond the classroom through a series of social, networking and guest speaker events that run throughout the academic year. 

You will also receive support from the School’s MBA Careers Manager throughout the year. So on top of broad academic experience, you will be equipped with the tools and strategies to compete effectively within the job market upon graduation. This keen career guidance completes your MBA experience at the university.

MBA programme

Source: University of Glasgow

It’s no surprise Glasgow graduates have gone on to find fulfilling employment at companies such as Apple, Rolls Royce, IBM, Ernst & Young, and Goldman Sachs.

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Swansea’s School of Management is listed as a top 30 UK Business School for Research Excellence. This reputation is led by a relentless drive for innovation.

Here, you will implement existing knowledge to overcome new challenges. You will also learn to navigate change within relevant frameworks, applying tried-and-tested business and management theories that have guided successful organisations thus far.

Future business leaders must move with a sense of global awareness to ensure their companies thrive. That is why this MBA experience focuses on creating sustainable value, particularly in the fields of Technology Management, Operations Management, and Marketing.

Director of Enterprise and Innovation Dr Louisa Huxtable-Thomas said, “We wanted to look at the new types of business and how they can thrive. Whether those are social enterprises or charities, they still need to be run in a commercial way that makes perfect sense.”

University of Swansea

Source: University of Swansea

How is this done? According to the Director of Learning and Teaching Professor Katrina Pritchard, it involves placing societal values alongside traditional shareholder values. 

She said, “We work closely with students to find out the challenges they face in companies, helping them develop a deeper understanding of the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes that will help them succeed in the future.”

Discover the MBA programme here.


For all its merits, the Alliance Manchester Business School MBA is ranked fifth in the UK by FT Global MBA Rankings 2020. Students can choose from full-time, global part-time, or the Kelley-Manchester Global MBA programme offerings, depending on their lifestyle and goals.

University of Manchester

Source: University of Manchester

This MBA course prepares you to transform your career through the concept of “learning-by-doing.” 

You will start by studying the global business environment and core business and management courses, which are accounting, finance, marketing, operations and strategy. Additionally, you will take on practical business projects and choose specialist electives to zero in on your career goals.

Taking it one step further, students explore beyond the domestic landscape through global opportunities at any of the University’s centres worldwide. Business-leaders-in-training can study alongside experienced executives in Dubai, Hong Kong, São Paulo, Shanghai, or Singapore. 

Even within the MBA cohorts, you’ll find talented professionals from all over the world with diverse professional and personal backgrounds. This international network has proven to enrich learning while opening up a world of opportunities for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. 

Not only does this encourage students to immerse in new business cultures, but they can also soak up new perspectives beyond the MBA course.

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