primary school Singapore
Source: Brighton College (Singapore)

Children undergo the most remarkable brain growth up until the age of eight. Hence, education at this stage is crucial in developing their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Recognising the importance of building a solid foundation, the soon-to-open Brighton College (Singapore) will focus its resources on educating children between the ages of 18 months and 11 years. This covers Pre-Nursery up to Year 6 students, who will be grouped into small classes.

Parents in search of academic rigour will find a space for their children to flourish in this nurturing environment. Part of upholding high classroom standards is keeping class sizes small, which is why Brighton College (Singapore) will only accept a maximum of 550 students at any given time.

Their education will be entirely based on the English National Curriculum, with a strong emphasis on Mandarin – a language of growing prominence in Asia and beyond.

Built on a tradition of excellence

With a history tracing back 175 years in the UK, Brighton College has built an extensive legacy as a leading provider of quality education. The school was named England’s Independent School of the Year 2019 by The Sunday Times, among other glowing accolades.

primary school Singapore

Source: Brighton College (Singapore)

Its Singapore location will be the fifth international school for Brighton College after Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Bangkok, and Dubai. Across these schools, children and staff members have learned to collaborate and connect for a richer experience of primary education.

This vibrant spirit of excellence will be recreated at Brighton College (Singapore) under the guidance of Head Master Paul Wilson. He expresses his vision for Brighton College in Singapore as “an outward-looking school that prioritises emotional well-being and fosters a lifelong love of learning.”

Supported by curiosity, confidence, and kindness

At Brighton College (Singapore), students will retain major elements of the Brighton DNA in exploring their strengths and talents. For example, the three pillars of curiosity, confidence and kindness are the tenets of the strong foundation the school will provide.

On top of that, educators at Brighton lead with the belief that each child should be nurtured based on their own unique characteristics and abilities. This involves celebrating students for who they are, whether they are sporty, artistic or scholarly.

In this way, children learn to take joy and pride in diversity by acknowledging the individual strengths of themselves and their peers.

primary school Singapore

Source: Brighton College (Singapore)

Self-discovery and acceptance are key principles of primary education at Brighton College (Singapore). Guided by a love for learning, they grow into enthusiastic, energetic and kind people deeply involved in local and global communities.

Poised to enrich the primary education landscape

Beyond its values and pedagogy, Brighton College (Singapore) will stand out from other international schools in the country with its excellent location, outstanding staff and primary education expertise.

The school is recruiting top teaching, specialist, and support staff that will meet the Brighton standards. After all, they play a key role in disseminating valuable knowledge and nurturing skills that will follow students through all stages of their academic and personal lives.

Brighton College (Singapore) is set to open its doors in August 2020 at the Chuan Lane education hub, placing it in beside two other Cognita Schools, Stamford American International School and Australian International School Singapore. Its maiden batch of students will consist of a maximum of 150 students from Pre-Nursery up to Year 4.

Brighton College (Singapore) is a partnership between leading global schools group Cognita, and Brighton College in the UK.

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