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How Boston University School of Law Will Help Your Legal Career

Like the city it’s based in, Boston University School of Law (BU Law) is unrivalled in the opportunities and experiences it provides.

Overlooking the Charles River, this is a law school in the heart of it all: global centre of education and research; major hub for law, business, medicine, technology, and government; bountiful cultural and recreational offerings; booming innovation and entrepreneurship; vibrant art, social, and entertainment communities; eclectic mix of neighbourhoods, from historic to quirky to trendy; and many more.

Regina de la Vega Castillo came here in pursuit of a dream. “My father did an exchange programme at BU Law and always spoke highly of BU,” she says.

Coming from a family of lawyers, she sought to build a noble and respectful career just like they did. Her first stop? BU Law. “Plus, when I was researching different LLM programmes I was really intrigued by BU Law for their extended curricula, professors and lectures,” she says.

Castillo does not regret her decision to pursue the LLM in American Law — in fact, it’s a turning point she credits for her success today. “What I really liked about the programme was the idea of understanding the US legal system, to be able to explain to my clients and co-workers the differences between the Mexican and the US legal systems,” she says. Students gain insights from getting into “the minds of lawyers from US and beyond,” giving them the necessary perspectives and skills required of a global practitioner.

Today, Castillo is an International Visiting Attorney for a New York City law firm’s global employment practice. “BU Law really helped me get this opportunity by making me get out of my comfort zone and get the job done,” she says.  The Professional Development staff “was always ready to help me change my resume, prepare for interviews, and write emails to prospective employers.”

BU Law offers more than 200 courses and seminars that will prepare you for a variety of areas of practice — one of the deepest law school curriculums in the nation. Whether you wish to expand your knowledge in the classroom or sharpen your skills in experiential learning opportunities, BU Law has it all.  The Professional Skills Lab provides hands-on practical pre-professional training in networking and negotiation.  Students can participate in the Discovery Series where they travel to heart of America’s constitutional history – Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

If you are looking for more direct legal work, students may volunteer to participate in BU Law’s Pro Bono Program, enabling you to use your legal skills in a public interest setting, and receive recognition on your transcript for such work.  Banking & Financial Law LLM students also have the opportunity to participate in the Financial Services Internship, in which they work at least 10 hours a week in a financial-services setting.

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Steven Byun from South Korea joined the Graduate Tax Programme (GTP) to expand his knowledge in tax law and start a career in tax. “BU Law’s tax programme’s extensive course options and broad alumni network led me to choose the GTP,” shares Byun, who graduated in May 2022.

Also known as the LLM in Taxation, the programme is one of the US’s first and best graduate tax programmes. What sets it apart is the numerous tax-tailored programmes and events available for students — from on and off-campus recruiting events to tax career luncheons, visits to observe proceedings in the US Tax Court, skills workshops on tax research databases and Excel, and more.

His favourite lecturer was Professor Wayne Smith. “He does not simply lecture,” he says. “He is always welcoming and at the same time always willing to receive questions and have the questions answered either by class discussion or real-time analysis. His teaching style allows students to think while in the class.” Byun adds, “Most professors incorporate their real-life work experience as examples to help us get a sense of how the class material we are learning will be utilized when we work in real life.”

Before even graduating, Byun was already sought-after by employers. “I secured my current job at Deloitte thanks to the GTP. I had my job lined up through the Tax Attorney Recruiting (TARE) event that BU Law participates in,” says Byun. “TARE was a great opportunity to receive as many interview opportunities as possible, and I believe my credential and coursework from BU Law GTP was the decisive factor that made my employer see me as a potential candidate.”

Choose BU Law and you stand to have a transformative legal education. Learn more about the LLM and Master’s Degree programs that the law school offers in Banking & Financial Law, Intellectual Property, American Law, and Taxation.

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