Hood College produces alumni who make major advancements in STEM

Hood College produces alumni who make major advancements in STEM
Hood College

In a digital world where the practice of STEM subjects is consistently on the rise, Hood College is doing its part, producing an astounding array of alumni working in STEM fields.

As an independent liberal arts college with a strong vision for educational excellence, Hood has built an impressive reputation, and is consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report for being a best value school. 2018 US News Best Value.

With its close-knit community of student innovators, creators and influencers, the college has heightened its academic notoriety within the sectors of science, tech and computer science.

STEM-powering the Future

With a $1.45 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, Hood College is focused on STEM-powering the future.

Hood College

By providing students with hands-on training and valuable career guidance, learners have the freedom to take their skills far beyond expectations. Not only is the college using STEM-based disciplines to inspire technical minds, it also serves and empowers them with a wholesome study experience.

Unlike other academic institutions, Hood remains with graduates even after their courses are complete. At Hood, students are introduced to strategic partnerships through the Career Center, ensuring that students STEM skills are put to effective use.

John-Paul Denson is one impressive example of a Hood College graduate success. Denson managed to take his Master’s in Biomedical Science from Hood to great heights within the STEM sector. By working with RAS genes, which cause around 30 percent of all human cancers, Denson aims to help develop cancer research and help tackle the disease.

As he explains, “It’s very motivating and rewarding to even contribute a small portion to the large and amazing cancer research community. Hood’s biomedical science program had a great reputation and the skills and principles that I learned helped make it a much easier transition when training at the Frederick National Lab.”

Advance in Science

Rachel Bagni. Hood College

With leading departments of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Hood combines the scientific expertise of professors with the emerging talent of students to produce a dynamic force field of knowledge.

By exposing students to real-world issues, learners use the skills that they acquire from Hood to positively impact society. As science is constantly evolving, the college keeps its curriculum up-to-date so the impact is effective and worthwhile.

Alumni member Rachel Bagni Beyer took everything she learned from her Hood College degree and transferred it into the field of cancer immunotherapy. As part of a team that conducts clinical trials to investigate new therapeutic options and alternative ways to modify a patient cell in a lab, Beyer has found herself working in a rewarding role.

By supporting the partnership between science and innovation, she became a developmental scientist at Leidos Biomedical Research, and an assistant professor at Hood. Over the years, her behind-the-scenes experience has been useful during lessons. As she states, “I have heard from many students over the years that the real-life examples and broad first-hand research that I can draw from for lecture materials are exciting and appreciated.”

Influential TECHniques

As technology takes over, Hood is equipping students with the digital tools and techniques needed to thrive within the modern workplace.

Antonio Punzo. Hood College

Another member of the ever-growing Hood College alumni community is Antonio Punzo. As a tech-savvy software developer, the technical and communication skills he gained through his computer science degree enabled him to stand out from the competition.

“Because of the nature of my work and the diversity of software that I maintain, enhance and develop, I must use several programming languages such as Java, Python, C++ and Bash Script,” he explains. “My classes at Hood introduced me to many of these languages and taught me the skills necessary to learn new languages quickly.”

By integrating advanced topics such as recursive functions and object-oriented programming into the computer science syllabus, Hood graduates learn the key concepts and acquire the self-confidence they need to succeed.

Students at Hood are taught in a range of instructional tech-based classrooms, letting them get to grips with the latest technologies before they enter employment.

Research that matters

Hood College is an institution which believes that research matters. Instead of confining their academic abilities behind classroom walls, students are encouraged to go out into global society and convert their investigations into actions.

From being a Hood College student to becoming an infectious disease epidemiologist, Nicole Hoff now ventures into the Democratic Republic of the Congo to carry out epidemiological research. By dedicating her time and qualifications to in-field work that makes a difference, Nicole is helping communities in the Congo overcome life-destroying illnesses.

Another alumni member who is using her Hood biomedical degree for the greater good is Lauren Procter. During her masters studies, she completed an independent study with professor of Biology Craig Laufer PhD, who referred her to Leidos Biomedical Research.

“Between my education at Hood, and the hands-on learning at work, I feel that my knowledge of the field has increased dramatically in a relatively short period of time. I often think about how grateful I am to have had wonderful mentors at Hood and incredible scientists leading me at Leidos,” she says.

With so many students majoring in science, technology, engineering and math at Hood, it’s obvious this academic institution in Frederick, Maryland understands what it takes to produce life-ready graduates.

Equipped with an appreciation for current affairs and technological advancements, the alumni of Hood College will continue to impress for decades to come.

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