Stop the press: High school newspapers worth checking out

Stop the press: High school newspapers worth checking out
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Student newspapers – not necessarily in print form – are more than just a platform that disseminates germane information and content relevant to the student community. 

With the right supervision, they also serve as a springboard for students’ journalistic endeavours and to learn some valuable skills outside the classroom. 

While student newspapers also face issues such as a lack of advertising revenue – not unlike traditional newspapers – they represent an avenue for student voices to be heard, making them an important part of the school ecosystem. 

For those seeking some inspiration to build up their high school newspapers, here are some impressive student newspapers worth checking out:

The Booster Redux

What’s unique about The Booster Redux is how a team of six students catapulted the paper to fame with their investigative journalism. Back in 2017, student journalists from Pittsburg High School in Kansas, US, made headlines when they broke a story that resulted in the resignation of their head principal Amy Robertson.

According to The Washington Post, the students discovered that Robertson’s credentials were from a diploma mill after weeks-long investigation, with some working over their spring break to chase down a lead.

Apart from that, they also publish some interesting human-interest stories such as ‘A day in the life of a teen mum’ and how a high school junior from a disadvantaged background works 50-hour weeks, on top of his school work. 

The Sagamore 

Brooklyn High School’s newspaper also boasts some interesting, well-written stories about the on-goings of their school. 

Whether it’s interviewing teachers, sharing a satirical piece or highlighting graffiti issues within the school compounds, their stories make for an interesting read and are written by actual students of the school. 

The Spectator

A scroll through Stuyvesant High School’s The Spectator’s website may make you think of The New York Times, but it’s not just aesthetics of the website, but also the maturity of their content that impresses. 

To boot, the school’s newspaper has a charter to show they mean serious business. 

For instance, the charter notes that editors of the student newspaper cannot contest or hold the positions of Student Union President or Vice President, Senior Caucus President or Vice President, Junior Caucus President or Vice President, Sophomore Caucus President or Vice President, or Freshman Caucus President or Vice President. Editors also cannot apply to hold major Student Union positions or be members of the Student Union cabinet to remain objective in their reporting. 

Their paper highlights a range of issues, from students Juuling in the school’s bathrooms to humorous and sarcastic pieces to brighten your day.

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