Be the Hero of your student story at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Become a study Hero at Heriot

At Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, you’ll learn how to harness your academic superpowers. Combining a quintessential British education with a campus in Putrajaya, a city that’s bursting with culture, the university has made its mark in the global sphere.

Ranked 41st in the world by Times Higher Education (2018)  in terms of international outlook, students are flying over to attend one of Heriot-Watt’s many distinguished courses. Since 1821, the institution has provided employers with top-tier graduates. With campus settings in the UK, Dubai and Malaysia, this higher education provider is well-known for its global outlook.

From the moment you step into Heriot-Watt’s world, you’ll feel urged to go global. With this study strategy firmly in place, students have the chance to take a detour and transfer their skills to their campus location of choice.  Bound by an engaging team of lecturers, an attentive alumni network and cutting-edge workshops, the university is widely-regarded as a crucial chapter in every student’s story.

Fly high with a Heriot-Watt Foundation Programme

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia has recently released a revolutionary programme called the Youth Transformation Programme (YTP) prior to joining its Foundation programme. The university understands that preparation for undergraduate courses can feel daunting. That’s why enrolling in the YTP before your studies may dramatically boost your confidence and motivate you to make an informed choice about which degree suits you best. Plus, it helps you get to grips with conducting research, delivering presentations and working in groups.

With the help of industry-focused academic staff acting as effective mentors and teachers, you’ll have access to an elite support system every step of the way; especially as more than half of them hold a PhD! There are two available avenues; the first is the Foundation in Business course. This three-semester programme introduces you to independent learning and prepares you for degree-level studies with microeconomics and financial accounting modules.

By selecting this option and achieving successful grades, you can progress to any of Heriot-Watt’s Business, Management, Building and Town Management and Accounting courses. One of its popular courses is the Accounting and Business Finance undergraduate degree. Accredited by four professional bodies, this prestigious qualification has earned its place in the Guardian University Guide 2018 for being one of the Top 10 UK universities who excel in Accounting and Finance and Business, Management and Marketing.

Secondly, there’s the Foundation in Science course. Here, you’ll learn all about the fundamentals of physics, the principles of chemistry and more. This particular pathway leads you towards the Heriot-Watt’s prestigious Engineering degrees, including Mechanical, Civil, Petroleum, Electrical and Electronics as well as Chemical. Its Chemical Engineering degree is highly-regarded in the industry. Since the university lies in the QS 2017 Top 150 in the world for Civil, Structural and Chemical Engineering, you’ll receive top-tier education and great career progression.

Power up with a Postgraduate Programme

Get to the next level with Heriot-Watt’s postgraduate MSc programmes. Whether you wish to further your Petroleum Engineering practice or conquer the subject of Construction Project Management, or expand your career through its International Business Management course, the university is home to a wide array of subject disciplines.

If you’ve already got your undergraduate degree and want to discover more than just a new syllabus, it’s time to switch up the scene. Enrolling on a Master’s course in a foreign environment supplies you with the same standard of education you would receive at home, at the same time as growing your international portfolio. Highlighted by Prospects as “one of the world’s most safe and stable environments”, Malaysia’s higher education sector is a popular choice among the international audience, largely thanks to its low cost of living and affordable costs for tuition.

Since the country attracts more and more applicants for postgraduate degrees, Heriot-Watt is at the heart of the selection process.

Marvel at Malaysia

If you’ve ever been to Malaysia, you should be familiar with the multitude of intriguing landmarks and vast collection of cultures. But if you’re new to this exciting country, you’re in for an incredible adventure. Regardless of your background, this country welcomes students with open arms and open houses filled with heavenly cuisines. As for the study scene, Heriot-Watt brings together a worldwide network of students ready to sample a brand-new culture. You’ll become an integral part of the school’s international family within a matter of days.

Otherwise known as the ‘gateway’ of South East Asia, Malaysia is conveniently close to countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. You could pack up your textbooks, book a cheap flight and head off to revise on the region’s idyllic islands. Swap the library for a serene beach setting and say Selamat tinggal (goodbye) to those mundane study breaks!

As UK student, Hywel Phillips, states in the university’s introduction video, “I have visited Malaysia about three or four times and I’d already fallen in love with the country. When I found out that Heriot-Watt opened a campus there, I absolutely jumped at the chance!” Grateful for his study experience, Phillips also valued the university’s travel links, “it’s centrally located so you can easily travel to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia – it’s an amazing place to be.”

So, with the help of Heriot-Watt, mastering your move to Malaysia is easy! From day one, you’ll be supported by a talented team of professionals who are on hand to help shape your student story and to promote your personal legacy.

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