Here’s why uni students should consider going on a cruise
Students - here’s how you could spend your next semester break. Source: Shutterstock

As your semester break looms closer, the thought of gallivanting to an exotic location with your friends may sound like an appealing way to destress after a taxing semester of study, and for some, work.

However, globetrotting isn’t exactly a cheap affair, while the idea of roughing it out may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But have you ever thought about going on a cruise? Cruises aren’t typically seen as something university students might enjoy. In fact, it might bring to mind the movie Titanic, or evoke two words: old people. Hardly sexy, dare one say.

Despite that, some reports suggest that cruises are not only for the elderly but are growing in popularity among the young.

Here’s why you should consider going on a cruise:

Explore many places within a short period

Cruises vary in length and may enable you to visit different places within a short period for an affordable rate. Source: Shutterstock 

Cruises vary in length, from one to four days or longer, and depending on the type of cruise chosen, they may enable you to visit different places within a short period, granting you cheap travel.

This makes it ideal for students on a budget and you won’t find yourself burning time in transit at airports, or worrying about cab fares or traffic when travelling from one place to another.

Cruises offer affordable packages

Prices of cruises may vary – invariably – but do a little digging and you might find some that cater to your budget. Some cruises offer all-inclusive packages (i.e. cabin, food, entertainment, etc.) which provide value for money – the key is to do your research.

For example, in the US, some cruises start from an average of US$230 per person and up.

By diligently saving each month, a cruise trip might not be out of reach. It can also prove to be an affordable and convenient way of travelling if you’re visiting several countries in one trip.

There are many things to do on board

Be it the gym, pool or lounging around to soak up the sun, you’re bound to find something that will keep you happily occupied on board. Source: Shutterstock

Be it the gym, spa, Zumba classes or the buffet, depending on your cruise, you might just be spoilt for choice for food and fun activities to take part in on board.

You don’t have to disconnect

Some cruises offer WiFi on board, so you don’t necessarily have to forego going online if you don’t want to. It’s worth adding that you probably have to pay a surcharge to connect, but there’s always the option not to.

Awesome food

Food might be something you will look forward to when on board. Source: Shutterstock

Going on a cruise not only means an exciting sea voyage, but also a culinary experience.

Cruises offer an excellent spread, and each has its unique selling point. Some claim to offer some of the healthiest foods while others specialise in certain cuisines, which can be a drawing point for foodies. 

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