Here’s how to stay motivated in the mid-semester lull

Here's how to stay motivated in the mid-semester lull
Need some inspiration to stay motivated mid-sem? Don't underestimate the power of a good to-do list! Source: Shutterstock

You’re midway through the semester and things are slowing a little… Your “uni, gym, cook, sleep” routine has mainly been replaced with “Netflix, order takeaway, pass out, sleep in”, which is less than desirable. Deadlines are piling up and all you want to do is pull the covers up over your head and hide.

We’ve all been there. So here are some tips to turn this year around, freshen you up, and get you back on track.

1. Make a list

Never underestimate the power of a good list.

A list will help keep you focused on the task (or tasks) ahead. What are the most pressing things you need to get done? Start with them, break them down and then work your way down to the lesser things.

Your assignment which is due tomorrow? That should be number one. Putting on your clothes wash? While necessary, can surely wait until the more important things are done first.

Put more on your list than nothing! Source: GIPHY

2. Tidy your room and working space

Okay, while this may seem like the ultimate procrastination, it should actually help your learning. Studies have shown a cluttered workspace equals a less-productive you.

So clean up your physical space and hopefully, it’ll clean up your mind too.

Spring cleaning like a pro. Source: GIPHY

3. Sleep

We knew you wanted to hear that one. Sleep is good for you! So while it probably isn’t the best idea to go back to bed right now, it would be wise to work out a good sleeping pattern.

Try and be in bed by 10pm tonight and get up earlier, too. Sleep will reset your brain and help you function better. You should aim for around eight hours of sleep but you may need a little more or a little less depending on your person.

This way you won’t be falling asleep on your textbooks. Source: GIPHY

4. Take a deep breath

It sounds super easy and that’s because it is! Simply take a minute to just breathe, slowly and with purpose.

It will help calm you down plus give your brain the oxygen it needs to function properly.

Follow this, focus on it, it will calm you down. Source: GIPHY.

5. Just do it

No, not like Nike – we aren’t telling you to get out on the running track (although that would probably be a good idea too). We mean: just start writing. The hardest bit is always beginning so if you make yourself start today you will thank yourself when the rest comes flowing out tomorrow.

We believe in you. Source: GIPHY.

We know it can be tough to stay motivated mid-semester but remember you are in charge of your own success. Take control of the day. Heed this advice, go forth, and succeed.

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