HEC Paris Master in Management: A powerful catalyst for your career success
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HEC Paris Master in Management: A powerful catalyst for your career success

With a Master in Management from HEC Paris, you can find your key to career success. What that looks like depends on you and how you want to create an impact in our fast-changing world. The #1 degree programme in management (Financial Times rankings 2023) worldwide acts as a powerful catalyst to get you there. And along the way, you’ll find your purpose and make an impact.

Margot Lebourgeois, a recent graduate, did just that. When she first received her acceptance letter to the programme, she felt “incredibly proud” of this achievement. “But little did I know how much more I would achieve during my time at HEC Paris,” she says. “HEC Paris has helped me grow professionally, academically, and personally in many different ways, helping me redirect my career path for a more purposeful and impactful future.”

In her first year, she co-founded a non-profit organisation. Today, she’s working for Pernod Ricard, the world leader in wine and spirits, on their sustainability strategy. Then till now, she sees HEC Paris opening “many doors” and connecting her with individuals that changed the trajectory of her career. “I’m incredibly proud of each and every one of my classmates that have made it to where we are today, and I look forward to seeing how all of us will continue changing the world,” affirms Lebourgeois.

Master in Management

The Master in Management is the #1 degree programme in management worldwide. Source: HEC Paris

The Master in Management is a gateway to a successful career in the business world, both in France and internationally. Offering a unique blend of flexibility and comprehensive training, the programme caters to students with or without a career plan. Whether you belong to the former or latter, you’re set to secure a job within three months of graduating.

At HEC Paris, this isn’t just a dream — it’s a reality. An impressive 98% of students secure employment within three months of graduation. Their average salary three years after graduation being 121,000 euros.

Two key factors explain why the programme is so effective. The first is its unique format. In the first year, you take a variety of mandatory courses in general management, along with a range of elective courses. Core courses include Company Law, Financial Accounting, Managing Organisational Performance, Strategic Marketing, Statistics & Econometrics, Purpose & Sustainability, and more. Electives include Bayesian Decision Analysis, Business Strategy for the Digital Age, Global Human Resources Management, Sports Marketing, and Philosophy of Liberalism.

An optional gap year between your first and second year, lets you discover the reality of a company or a sector. From marketing to finance and consultancies, your insights from a professional project (internships, professional experience) or a personal project (volunteering, business creation, etc.) will not only enrich your experience, but also make you more confident when you embark on your future career.

Then, in the second year, you will use the skills and broad knowledge acquired in your first year to make important decisions about your career moving forward. There are over 20 specialisations to choose from, a research paper and a portfolio of nine optional certificates at the end of the second year.

Specialisations in Management offered on the HEC campus include Quantitative Economics and Finance (joint programme with Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE, ENS Paris-Saclay and Paris Sud University), Managerial and Financial Economics (exchange opportunities with Stockholm School of Economics, Bocconi University and St.Gallen University) and Accounting & Financial Management (exchange opportunities with St.Gallen University, Stockholm School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School, London School of Economics, Bocconi University and Vienna University of Economics and Business).

Master in Management

Whether you have a career plan or not, the Master in Management will connect you to important figures from your chosen industry. Source: HEC Paris

The structure of the programme can be tailored to your specific needs, interests, and career goals — pairing well with the university’s unparalleled career support, the second reason why the programme is so impactful. You can join in-depth CV workshops, get personalised career coaching, join a unique three-step career development programme, attend career fairs, and leverage HEC Paris’s strong corporate connections. The 70-000-strong HEC Alumni network is influential across over 130 countries and its entrepreneurial ecosystem is extensive.

The annual Gala and the HEC Life Project Festival are just two of the many other avenues for students and alumni to connect with top companies. These include the likes of Bain & Company, BCG, BNP Paribas, Capgemini, EY and more.

Class of 2023 student Aldo Brambilla experienced all of these features first-hand. By taking part, he has built solid relationships that will help him to get wherever he wants to go. “The professors, the alumni network, the career centre and all the people I’ve met along my journey at HEC Paris have been very helpful and shown me my true potential,” he says.

“The gap year of the programme allows you to experience different industries and sectors or to specialise and fine-tune the one that you’re most passionate about. I’ve always wanted to work in finance and my internship in an investment bank in London allowed me to discover more of this world, widen my horizons, sharpen my career goals, and get an international business perspective.”